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Country that strove against Prussia for influence over the small German states
Sick Man of Europe
Had a system of serfdom until 1861
A geographic expression in the early 1800s
The country that launched the Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church
Made up the Dual-Monarchy
Austria and Hungary
2 Italian provinces that were held by Austria in the early 1800's
Lombardy and Venetia
2 provinces that France was forced to give up after the Franco-Prussian War
Alsace and Lorraine
Powder Keg of Europe
The Balkans
Coal rich region of Germany
Begun by Luther in 1517 it was an event which kept Germany politically disunited
In 1815 it created the German Confederation of small states as a buffer against France
Congress of Vienna
Januaury 22, 1905- protesters in St. Petersburg were fired upon by the Cossacks
Bloody Sunday
Led by army officers who had seen Western Europe in an attempt to overthrow the czar
Decembrist Revolt
The name of the telegram altered by Bismarck which started the Franco-Prussian War
Sardinia got involved in this war in order to publish her nationalistic aims
Crimean War
After this war the French had to pay 5 billion francs and the united German Empire was proclaimed at Versailles
Franco-Prussian War
Fought over possessions in the Far East, it was to be a short war to "stem the tide of the revolution"
Russo-Japanese War
Caused when Denmark illegally annexed Schleswig; leading Austria and Prussia to intervene on behalf of their German brothers
Danish War
Bismarck made sure Austria was friendless and then got the North German States to join against her in this war
7 Weeks War
The prime minister of Sardinia who led the drive for Italian unification
As prime minister of Prussia he involved his country in 3 wars of unification
He led the "Red Shirts" in the drive to free the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and join them to Italy
As emperor of France he involved his country in many wars, but he lacked the skills of his uncle
Napolean III
Became emperor of Austrai at 18 and ruled for 68 years
Francis Joseph
A desire of people of the same culture to be unified
1 czar, 1 language, 1 church
mob attacks and other persecution of the Jews
term applied to leaders who would use any means, including force, to promote their country's interest
term applied to the resurgence, or drive towards Italian unification
He became the first king of a united, independent Italy
Victor Emmanuel II
founded the 'Young Italy' independence movement
Russian word for village to which the land was given for distribution to the peasants
the self-government, granted by Alexander II which gave peasants a vote in their own local affairs
the national legislature which Nicholas II was forced to grant to the Russian people
He established the Holy Alliance at the Congress of Vienna
Alexander I
He freed the serfs by passing the Act of Emancipation
Alexander II
He was forced to grant an elected assembly because of the 1905 revolution, but later dismissed it
Nicholas II
He was a reactionary, reversing the reforms of his father while pushing for 'russification'
Alexander III
He made a grave miscalculation in starting the Crimean War
Nicholas I
the type of government in which one person has unlimited authority
the name for a council of workers which sprang up to lead the 1905 revolution
Influenced by Karl Marx, these radical communists wanted revolution NOW!
Vladamir Ilyich Ulyanov was better known by this name
Two assassination attempts didn't get him. He died at the age of 91.
William I
a disagreement over having the cabinet report directly to this leader, forced Bismarck to resign
William II
What did the Act of Emancipation do?
Freed the serfs, but they were practically worse off than before.
The main purpose of this was to reduce tariffs and trade barriers between the German states
extreme patriotism, usually provoked by a perceived threat
The people were starting to turn towards them, so Bismarck did everything he could to get rid of their power
They believed that Russia needed to develop into an industrial state with a sizable working class, and then a revoltuion would come
This war was in 1912, to drive the Ottomans out of Europe, it reslulted in the Ottomans lossing all European territories except Istanbul
1st Balkan War
This war in1913 was cuased by the recently victorious Balkan provinces, and resulted in Bulgaria losing much land
2nd Balkan War