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informal social gatherings in which ppl excahnged ideas.. all people are considered = in these
person having a salon
Salon in Rue Saint Honoré
Marie Thérése Rodet started w- Fancois Geoffrin... Famous ppl
Enlightened despots
absolute rulers who used their power to bring about social and political change
Fredrick the great-Prussia- him plus voltaire developed prussian academy of sci
Catherine the great- Russia
Joseph II- Peasant emporer, ended censorship, serfdom
colorful, full of excitement, glided bronze/marble/crystal
delicate, flowry
Act of Union
1707- Scotland and England treaty
Robert Walpole
Molded cabinet to unified body- first prime minister
House of Lords
Made up of Highest nobles in Britan
George III
60 year rule, American Revolution, War with Napolean
Liked Monarchy, checks and balances
Targeted corrupt officials, offended Church, Louis XV hated
Francois Marie Arouet
Ppl naturally good, corrupted from society, Common good> Individual
wrote encyclopedia
Laissez Faire
no or little government interference (opposit of mercantilism)
People had natural rights-Life, Liberty, Property, gov- protect those, ppl can overthrow if fails
Naturally cruel humans, Government= social contract- an agreement by which they gave up the state of nature for an organized society. Monarchy is best
Adam smith
wanted Laissez faire
Persian letters
Fake-Ubsbek and Rica
Real- Charles de Secondat
state over individual, must do what they have do do, must expand or decay- can't stand still
Desiderius Erasmus
In Praise of Iolly
Criticized church interpretations of the bible
Francois Rabelais
Garganta and Panta gruel
Ridiculed society's dogma and hypocrisy
Michelangelo Buanrroto
sculptor and painter
painted the sistine chapel mural 1508-12
Also poet and architect, designed st peter's church
painted frescos and madonnas
Titan( venice)
religious subjects painted
supported by Holy Roman Emporer, french king
Nicholas Copernicus
Helio Theory
Galileo Galilei
Astronomy and phys, Italian
Johann Kevler
Astronomy- eliptial orbits
Van Eyck bros (1400s)
Peter Brueinel
adoration of the lamb
Flemish artists
Leonardo da vinci
anatomy, phys, astronomy
Albrecht Durer
- coper engraving/wood (german)
Hans Holbein
- portraits of More, Erasmus, Henry VIII
Andreas Vesalius
Investigated human anatomy- Belgium
William Harvey
circulation of blood
Issac Newton
Explained many natural laws, suggested answer, simulated sci investigation
cause and effect
truth by method reason (Age of Reason)
Baldassare Castiglione
well rounded man- proper behavior of gentlemen
Freancesco Petrach
Father of humanism
master of lyric poetry
admired Cicero
Gianni Boccacio
DeCameron- criticized clergy 1350
ideas always have been believed but dont have much proof
Quaran vs Bible
How to be muslim vs
Moral Stories
"I think, therefore, I am"
Pandora's box
bad move by pope, caused spread of ideas (non-christian)
First estate
10 percent land, collected tighes, no direct taxes
Second Estate
In middle ages-knights
later- gov
later- nobles
hated absolutism- would lose no-tax privilege
Third estate
middle class, peasants
middle class- bankers merchants manufacturers
Deficit spending
gov spending more money than it takes in
Great fear
tales of attackers, gov seizing crops
Marquis de lafayette
"Hero of 2 worlds"
Fought alongside Washington
National guard
middle-class militia organized in response to royal troops in Paris
Paris Commune
radical group, could mobilize ppl for protests
nobles clergy and others who fled rev france
National Assembly
ended nobles manorial dues, hunting rights, status, ablosihed feudalism
equalityh before law
declaration of rights of man and citizen
women marched
oct 5 1789
12 mi to see king, marie antionette- king returned to Paris
Declaration of Pilnitz
Louis Xiv,king of prussia, emp of austria issued this
western region of france wehre royalists rebelled, sans0culottes demanded relief, convention divided between Jacobins-radica, Girondins
3rd cosntitution- 5 man directory, 2 house legislature
leaders failed to solve probs, protected selves
Red liberty caps
tricolor by nat guard
aggressive feeling of pride and dvotion to one's country instead of devotion to local party
natural laws
lawas that govern human nature
natural rights
rights that belonged to humans from birth
life, liberty, property
lovers of wisdom
Johann Sebastian Bach
German Lutheran
wrote religious works for organs, choris
George Fredercik Handel
wrote Water Music, Messiah
German/ spent life in England
Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe
Samuel Richardson
Pamela- series of letters to tell a story
Treaty of Utrecht
France gave Britan Nova Scotia, Newfoundland
Treaty of Paris
All of French Canada 1763
Act of Union
1707- G.B+Scotland= U.K.
constitutional gov
a gov whos power is defined and limited by law
Political parties (British)
Whigs-liberal, urban business
Tories- Conservatives, aristocrats, preserve
ancien regime
old order
"Liberty, equality, Fraternity"
Main painter: Jacque Louis David
Realistic but Idealistic
Jean-Paul Marat
writer for the Jacobins- if hungry, can cut a man's throat
Jacques Brissou
leader of Girodins
guillotined in 1793
Jacques Turgot
1st minister of finance for Louis XVI
Political club