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Han Dynasty
Ruled China for 400 years. Influenced China so much people today call themselves "people of the Han"
Centralized Government
Central authority controls the running of the state.
Civil Service
Gov't jobs that civilians obtained by taking examinations.
When a group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods.
Process of making conquered people part of Chinese culture.
Liu Bang
First emperor of Han Dynasty. Rejected Legalism. Chose educated advisers, stregthened the central gov't. Strong leader known as "Gaozu" or exalted founder.
Empress Lu
Liu Bang's wife who named infant after infant emperor, so she would retain rule.
Liu Bang's great-grandson. Ruled Han Dynasty longer than any other emperor. Expanded Chinese territory. Favored Confusianism.
A nomadic people known for their fierceness as arrow-shooting warriors on horseback.
Wang Mang
A confucian scholar and member of the court who overthrew the Han. Minted new money. Took land from rich and gave to the poor.