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People from the forests north of the Black Sea
Landowning nobles of Russia
Kievan noble who converted to christianity. She governed Kiev from 945-955 until her son was old enough to rule.
Grandson of Princess Olga converted to Byzantine Christianity. Made all his subjects convert also. Held mass baptism. Closely linked Church and state in Russia.
Yaroslav the Wise
Vladimar's son. Married off daughters and sisters to the kings and princes of Western Europe. Marriages helped create trading alliances. Built first library in Kiev. Created a legal code that dealt with crimes against property.
Christianity prospered.
Alexander Nevsky
Norgorod prince and military hero. Made a saint in Russian Orthodox church for his "Battle on the Ice" victory and for his long protection of the Russian church.
Russian version of Caesar. Ivan III was the first czar.
Batu Khan
Genghis' grandson who led nomads (Mongals)
Khanate of the Golden Horde
Kingdom of Mongols in Russian territory.
Turkish military slaves
Turkish people who migrated into the Abbasid Empire. Converted to Sunni branch of Islam.
Persian prime minister
Malik Shah
Most famous Seljuk Sultan
Liu Bang
1st emperor of the Han Dynasty. He established a centralized goverrnment in China. He lowered Taxes and did not follow liegalist theory
Centralized Government
A central authority controlling the running of the state
Civil Service
Government jobs that required civilizns to take tests in order to be hired.
This occurs when a group has total control over the production and distribution of certain goods.
Empress Lu
Widow of Liu Bang. She acted as regent after his death
A group of nomadic people who raided Chinese citizens for valuable items and hostages.
Han Dynasty
They ruled China for over 400 years. They were a great influence on China.
Great grandson of Liu Bang. He held the throne londer than any other Han emperor
The process of making conquered peoples part of Chinese culture
Wang Mang
A confucian scholar who took the imperial title for himeslf and established the period known as the Later Han