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Portugual Prince - embodied the crusading drive & new spirit of exploration
-hoped to expand Christianity & find new sources of gold
Henry the Navigator
1497 led 4 ships around Cape of Good Hope (Southern tip of Africa) - 10 month voyage
Vasco da Gama
Italian navigator from Genoa
wanted to reach Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic
Christopher Columbus
Portugese Noble left Spain with 5 ships. Fleet reached coast of S. America. Looked for passage to Pacific ocean
Ferdinand Magellan
1513 - hacked a passage through the tropical forests of Panama
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Conquistador - 1560 - Landed in Mexico. Was helped by young Indian woman (Dona Maria)
Hernan Cortes
Aztec emperor. Welcomed Cortes. Aztecs drove Spanish from city Killed in fighting
Arrived in Peru in 1532. Captured Atahualpa.
Francisco Pizarro
Priest - spoke out against ecomienda system
Bartolme de las Casas
Explorer, cartographer - first governor of Quebec. "Father of New France" Explored waterways of New France (St. Lawrence River
Samuel de Champlain
Catholic King late 1600s. Prohibited Protestants from settling in New France.
King Louis XIV
Kingdom led by Osei Tutu
Scholar and Preacher denounced the corruption of the local Hausa rulers
Usman dan Fodio
Separates non-European world - Spain/Portugal
Line of Demarcation
First to arrive in SE Asia
Conquered Malacca in 1511
Very violent & destructive
(Europe in SE Asia)
First to challenge Portuguese
took Malacca in 1641
trade brought great wealth back to Europe
(Europe in SE Asia)
Took over the Phillipines (1521)
tried to convert Filipinos to Christianity
(Europe in SE Asia)
India remained independed (1526-1700's)
Mughal dynasty
New France
13 Colonies
Georgia, SC/NC, MD MASS, RI, CONN, VA,
Guidelines for governing North American Colony (Agreement)
Mayflower Compact
Founded in 1607
Became thriving American Colony
Britain and France became rivals for power - Warm from 1754 to 1763
French & Indian War
Officially ended world wide war (1763)
Treaty of Paris
Triangular trade of slaves between Africa, West Indies to European colonies
Slave trade
Columbus brought foods,animals, and Europeans to the Americas. This spread disease and epidemic to adversely affect the economy
global exchange
Upsurge in prices (inflation
Growth of capitalism as traders & entrepreneurs began taking siks with money & goods
British East India Co
Commercial Revolution
Believed that nation's wealth lay in gold & silver
gold was found in colonies
tariffs were imposed to protect local industries
map makers
instrument discovered by ancient greeks - perfected by the Arabs to determine their latitude at sea
combined the square sails of European ships w/Arab lateen, or triangular sails
disease caused by lack of vitamin c in their diets during months at sea
sail around the world