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domination of 1 country over another
neutral opposites of imperalism
* supply/fueling
* prestige of global empire
* nationlism
* social darwinism
* recourses
* expanded markets
* business oppertunitys
* outlet for Europes population
*advanced medical knowledge
* western civial spread
* superior technolgy
* soread of christinaity
By 1890 what didn't Europe have controlled
Siam- Kimg Monglcut
new technogoly and industry in South east asia & pacific
*mine tin-harvest rubber
*crops of corn & cassava
*built harbors& railroads
made of the Sahara & fetile land along the mediterraneans-close ties tot eh Muslim world
North Africa
Muslim revoultionaries over threw their rulers - established Sokoto caliplate
West Africa
Islam had long influence on the East where cities like Mombasa and kilwa carried profitable trade

East africa
much chaos, war with the Boers
Southern Africa
Canada splits and they tried to get it back together(britian) what was it called
Dominon of Candada
who claimed New Zealand and Austria
Britian- Captain Cook