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What is a republic?
a form of governmentin which voters elect officials to run the state.
What is a dictator?
In Rome, it is in a form of emergency for absolute power by th Senate.
What is a veto?
A refuse to approve acts from the other Roman consul.
What is check and balance?
A system of government that prevents any one part of the government from becoming too powerful.
What is a praetor?
Romans elected to help the consuls, that command armies in time of war.
What is a censor?
Roman officials that registered citizens according to their wealth.
What are tribunes?
Officials elected by Rome's popular assemblies.
What are patricians?
Powerful landowners who controlled the government.
What are plebeians?
Mainly farmers and workers.
Who is Hannibal?
One of the greatest generals of all time.
Who is Scipio?
A Roman general who defeated Hannibal and his army.
What are euites?
The class of Roman business people ad landowners.
Who are the Gracchi?
2 brothers, Tiberius and Gaius, who saw the need to reform in the Roman Republic.
Who is Gaius Marius?
A Roman general who was elected a consul in 107 BC.
who is Lucius Cornelius Sulla?
An elected consul in 88 BC.
Who is Julius Ceasar?
A nephew of Marius, a popular general that helped
Who is Triumvirate?
Political alliances of three rulers.
Who is Cleopatra?
A daughter of the ruling Ptolemy family, on the throne as a Roman ally.
Who is Gnaeus Pompey?
A popular general who joined with Julius Ceasar with Licinius Crassus becoming the three Triumvirates.
Who is Marc Antony?
A general and an ally of Ceasar's who drove out conspirators and took control of Rome.
Who is Augustus?
Also called Octavian, who became consul, known as the first Roman emperor.
What is Pax Romana?
The reign of Augustus, known as the period of "Roman Peace"
Who is Julio-Claudian Emperors?
Relatives of Julius Ceasar, ruling the empire for the next 54 years.
Who were the Five Good Emperors?
Five rulers who led Rome for almost 100 years during Pax Romana.
What are gladiators?
Trained fighters who were usually slaves.
Who is Galen?
A phsician who wrote several volumes about medical knowledge. Greates authority of medicine in his day.
Who is Ptolemy?
Scientist and scholar from Alexandria, Egypt that developed the system of astronomy and geography.
What are aqueducts?
Bridgelike structures that carried water from the mountains.
Who is Virgil?
Greatest of the Roman poets.
Who is Horace?
Roman poet who wrote on human emotions.
Who is Ovid?
A poet who wrote on love in lyrics.
Who is Tacitus?
Great Roman historian who wrote Annals.
Who is Plutarch?
A Greek who wrote Parallel Lives, Greek and Roman biographies.
Who are Rabbis?
Jewish scholars who interpreted scripture and became leaders of Jewish congregation.
Who was Jesus?
A Jewish teacher of Nazareth who arose the religion Christianity.
What are martyrs?
People put to death for what they believed.
What are bishops?
People above the priests who headed the church in each city.
What are patriarchs?
Bishops of the empire cities.
What is a pope?
The patriarch of Rome who claimed to be supreme over the other patriarchs.
What is inflation?
A rise in prices caused by a decrese in the value of money.
Who was Diocletian?
A general made emperor that slowed the empire's decline.
Who was Constantine?
A emperor who slowed the empire's decline.
Who were Goths?
A tribe made up of western Visigoths and eastern Ostrogoths that flooded into the Roman Empire and revolted, weakening the empire.
Who were Vandals?
One of a group of Germanic tribes who invaded and destroyed territory in the Roman Empire.
Who was Attila?
Leader of the Huns.