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who is alexander the great?
philips the seconds son,was taught by aristotle. wanted to carry out his dads plan to incade persia. led 35000 soliders across the hellespont to anatolia. result was a victory
Hellenistic culture
blending of egyptian, persian and indian .
wat is Alexandria
city that was the foremost center of commerce and hellenistic civilization. occupied a strategic site on the western edge of the nile delta
who is Archimedes
Hellenistic scientist that studied at alexandria. accurately estimated the value of pie. great genius
who is Zeno and wat are Stoics
Zeno founded the school of philosophy called Stoicism. Stoics belived in a dicine power who controlled the universe
who is Epicurus
founded the school of thought called Epicureanism. taught that the unicerse was composed of atoms and riled by gods who had no interest in humans
who are the etruscans?
skilled metal workers and engineers. strongly influenced the development of Roman civilization. had system of writing and the romans adoped their alphabet. influenced romes architecture especially the use of the arch
what is the tiber river.
where latins settled
patricians and plebians
patriarchs were landowners who had much power. plebians were the normal common ppl
form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote to select their leaders
commanded the army and directe the government. there where two of them
aristocratic brance of romes government
protected the rights of the plebeians from unfair acts of practician officials
Punic Wars
war between rome and carthage
brilliant military strategist who wanted to acenge carthages earlier defeat
devised a plan to attack carthage.