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What were sources of tension prior to WWI?
nationalism- too many countries had to much pride. many ethnic minorities had no country.
Imperialism- competition for colonies
Alliance system- Triple alliance and triple entente
Who was in triple alliance?
Britain, France, Russia
who was in triple entente
Germany Austria-Hungary, Italy
what started war and why?
Serbia Black hand member Gavrilo Princip shoots Austrian heir Francis Ferdinand. Serbia wanted Bosnia free.
What is an Ultimatum? mobilization?
u- list of demands
m- getting ready for war and putting troops on border
Who went to war first and whith who?
Austria and they declare war on Serbia. They do so after getting support from Germany.
Who does Germany declare war on?
Russia after they mobilize.
Why does Germany declare war on France?
the Schlieffen plan said if they went to war w/ Russia they had to attack France.
what is the war of attrition?
a war based on wearing the other side down w/ constant attacks and heavy losses.
Explain eastern front
Russia defeated at Battle of Tannenberg and Massurian lakes.
Italians defy entente and attack Austria in 1915.
Explain Westernfront
Germany stops short of Paris at First battle of Marne.
Battle of Verdun fought. lasts 10 months and 700,000 die.
What was Gallipolli campaign?
Allies tried to open Balkan Peninsula but they have to withdraw.
Who was Lawrence of Arabia?
British officer in middle east
urged Arabs to revolt against ottoman overlo
Why did the us enter the war?
-Lusitania sunk
-German unrestricted sub warfare
-Zimmerman note: germany asks mexico to fight us to distract us
Who were the Central powers?
Germany, Austria, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria.
What were the new weapons?
-machine guns
-depth charge
-poison gas
what was a soviet?
russian council holding reps. from workers and soldiers.
What was war communism?
government control of banks and most industries.
who was Alexandra?
wife of Nicolas II who made bad influences based on Rasputin
Who was Rasputin?
Siberian prince who claimed to be holy [crazy].
Who was Kerensky?
headed provisional government and carried on war
Who were Bolsheviks?
communists; came under V.I. Lenin
who was v.i. Lenin?
directed Bolsheviks and dedicated to violent revolution. "Peace,land, bread"
who was Trotsky?
commissar of war; insisted rigid discipline. head of Red army.
How did west deadlock end?
Russia signed treaty w/ Germany so they fight France. American forces push them back and they sign armistice.
When did Germany sign armistice?
Nov. 11 1918
what was Brest-Litovsk?
Treaty ending war w/ Germany and Russia that Lenin signed. march 3 1918
What was Russia renamed?
Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.
Who was at Paris Conference for england and France?
England- prime minister (David Lloyd)
France- George Clemenceau
What was Bolsheviks Revolution?
Nov. 6 1917 Overthrew government.
Explain 14 pt plan.
-free on ocean
-reduce arguments
-political independence
-democratic countries
-league of nations
Explain treaty of Versailles.
-between france and germany
-orders Germany to pay for allied damages
-reduce army to 100,000
-War guilt clause blame germany 231
-land demilitarized
-parts added to Poland.
effects of WWI
-Germany and Russia lose land
-Austria-Hungary splits
-Finland, Latvia, lots created
-Ottoman Empire breaks up
-Mandates of Britain and France created
-24 million killed
-Germany blamed and bitter
-United States wants to isolated
explain total war.
Governments expand power and drafts people.
Countries suppress peoples opposition with propaganda
women take over mens jobs. lost them when soldiers came back but helped womens movement and got right to vote.