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Because wealthy Italian merchants and bankers encouraged and supported the arts,
The Renaissance began in Italy
Wealthy people who support the arts are known as
Which of the following attitudes was more characteristic of medieval times than of the Renaissance?
One's earthly existance should be thought of chiefly as preparation for an afterlife
The northern Italian city-states became successful trading centers largely because of their
geographical location
The writer who argued that rulers should do whatever was necessary to gain and keep power was
Niccolo Machiavelli
which of the following was not one of the effects of the invention of moveable type?
bookmaking became more expensive
the organization of an ideal society is described in
the french writer Francois Rabalais was
a monk, scholar, and physician
which of the following did not make it easier for Renaissance artists to create realistic effects
the use of tempera paints
Michaelangelo was the artist who painted
the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
The center of the northern Renaissance was
It was in 1517 at a church in Wittenberg that
Luther posted his 95 theses
the Reformation was
the movement that led to the establishment of Protestant churches
why did a number of German princes back Luther?
They hoped to aquire church property
John Calvin's doctrine of predestianation states that
only the chosen can be saved