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Name of volunteer organization to help around the world organized by John F. Kennedy
Peace Corp
Ford modeld his assembly line after the pattern of
This was used by industrialists to create products that would go out of style
planned obsolescence
Pioneered techniques to increase workers output
Frederick Taylor
The 1st Peace Time draft
Selective Service and Training Act
Investigation into President Kennedy's assassination
Warren Commission
70% of students refused to go to class and went on strike to protest the war
Kent State University
U.S. dropped bombs on which two Japanese cities
Nagasaka and Hiroshima
One of the charges the Nazis faced after the extermination of Jews was
crimes against humanity
Screenwriters who refused to give names to investigators of Communist Involvement
Hollywood Ten
The books, The Crucible and Salem Witch Trials were considered about the same as the what?
Red Scare
The country that was not allowed to select a prosecutor for the war crimes of WWII
Alliance of Black churches in 1957 to fight for civil rights
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Law forbidding segregation in public schools and public places
Civil Rights Act 1964
Bloody Sunday happened where?
RMoscow, Russia
Federal law to prevent discrimination in voting registration
Voters Rights Act 1965
Federal law barring discrimination in employment and public facilities
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Two countries that ruled Vietnam
France and China
Leader of Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
Number of Americans to die in Vietnam conflict
58,000 killed in Vietnam
Number of Americans to die in
Korean conflict
34,000 Americans were killed
Group (1941) organized to fight for freedom in Vietnam
Viet Minh
Reason Truman did not support Vietnam War
Because he believed the Soviets would take it over
Division between north and south Vietnam
17th parallel
Chemical used in Vietnam to kill vegetation
Agent Orange
Buddhist monk who burned self to death
Thich Quang Duc
Congress gives President authority to take all necessary measures to prevent attack on U.S. forces
Gulf of Tonkin
Most popular tv shows
I Love Lucy
Nation moving toward two societys, black and white.unequal
Kerner Report
Where did Paul Robeson work after a smear campaign
Russia and France
Which organization wrote a critical article about Paul Robeson
How many African Americans served in WWII?
Emphasized pride in Mexican culture and heritage
Chicano Movement
Countries under soviet control
satellite countries
1952 Republican candidate for President
Dwight Eisenhower
Eugene Bull Connor
General in the Korean War
General MacArthur
Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham Alabama
Eugene Bull Connor
First lunch counter sit ins for integration of restaurants
Greensboro, North Carolina
Campaigned to get Blacks registered to vote in the south.
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee