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People that herd domesticated animals
Kinship group or people that claimed to be related that live together.
Genghis Khan
Mongol leader that unified mongol clans into one force. He was a brilliant organizer, gifted strategist and took new weapons and technologies from enemies.
Ogadai Khan
Genghis Khan's son who continues to expand the mongol empire.
Kublai Khan
First foreigner to run China. Founded new dynasty called Yuan
Marco Polo
Venetian Trader who served Kublai Khan's Court. He was sent on special missions around China.
Yuan Dynasty
Dynasty started by Kublai Khan. United Dynasty for 1st time in 300 years. Opened China to greater foreign antacts and trade. Tolerated chinese culture and made a few changes to system of government.
A divine wind or typhoon that saved Japan from Mongol invasion.