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enclosure movement
Def: The fencing of pastureland in England prior to the Industrial Revolution
Sig: Prevented other countries from figuring out the British methods of industrialization
Ana: The British get a 50 year head start in the Industrial Revolution
domestic system
Def: Manufacturing method in which the stages of the manufacturing process are carried out in private homes rather than a factory setting.
Sig: Was the old method of merchanting and trade before industrialization in the Western world
Ana: Was later phased out by industrialization's new methods of trade
Meiji Restoration
Def: The restoration of the Meiji emperor in Japan in 1868.
Sig: Began a program of industrialization and centralization in Japan
Ana: Followed the Tokugawa shogunate
Russo-Japanese War
Def: War between Japan and Russia over Manchurian territory from 1904-1905
Sig: Resulted in the defeat of Russia by the Japanese navy
Ana: Caused by competition for trade
Def: A large industrial organization created in Japan during the industrialization of the late nineteenth century.
Sig: Impacted world trade
Ana: Still continues today
Treaty of Nanking
Def: Treaty made at the end of the Opium Wars
Sig: Gives British power over 5 ports and Hong Kong
Ana: Hong Kong was part of Britain still until recently
Def: Violence against Jews in tsarist Russia
Sig: Causes Jewish residents to migrate West
Ana: Large Jewish population in Latin America afterwards
Def: A literary and artistic movement in nineteenth century Europe
Sig: It's like a baby
Ana: Emphasized emotion over reason
Def: The depiction of subjects as they appear in life, without embellishment or interpretation
Sig: It's like a middle-aged person
Ana: Still continues today.
Suez Canal
Def: Canal between Egypt and the Middle East
Sig: Fought over who owned the canal
Ana: Made trade easier
Def: Comprised of Cubism, Impressionism, and Expressionism
Sig: It's like a mid-life crisis
Ana: Modern is still around today
Def: Bird droppings used as fertilizer
Sig: Major trade item for Peru
Ana: Make nests for birds
Def: Right of foreigners to live under the laws of their home country rather than those of the host country.
Sig: Annoying to the host country
Ana: Foreign influence
Monroe Doctrine
Def: United States' hand-off policy
Sig: Initiated trade between North American countries
Ana: Supported by Great Britain