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____ was the Greek historian that many consider to be the father of history in the western tradition.
"He's the HERO of history"
Coming from the Latin term meaning "wedge-shaped", ____ was the written language of Sumer.
____ is the form of history that attempts to view events and life from the perspective of the common people rather than the powerful, famous and wealthy.
Social history
"History gathered just by people SOCIALIZING"
The Ancient Egyptians wrote on ____, which were strips of a plant presses together.
"Egyptian PAPER"
____ is the type of writing in which an image represents the entire concept.
"Draw a picture to get the whole IDEA"
____ is the worship of multiple gods that are specialized, localized and humanized.
"poly - meaning multiple"
____ ____ are sources contemporary with events occurring or being studied.
Primary sources
____ ____ are the results and reconstructions created to determine the past.
Secondary sources
____ ____ are composed of both primary and secondary sources and have been edited.
Tertiary sources
____ ____ is the British Egyptologist that has constructed a New Chronology for the Ancient world based on different connections between Egyptian and biblical history.
David Rohl
"He ROLLED back and forth from chronologies"
Discovered during Napoleon's 1799 campaign in Egypt, ____ was the parallel text that enabled Champollion to decipher heiroglyphics.
____ is the worship of one God, all powerful, omnipresent and holy.
"mono - meaning one, singular"
The best example of monumental architecture in Mesopotamia, ____ were constructed somewhat like a wedding cake with a temple on top.
"Zig-Zag the rats, don't drop the cake!"
____ ____ hosted a video entitled "Pharoahs and Kings: A Biblical Quest" in which the purpose was to challenge the conventional chronology of Egypt.
David Rohl
"He made the film ROLL"
____ was the military formation used by the Greeks that helped pave the way for the concept of citizenship.
Hoplite phalanx
"They formed military LINKS"
One of the most important of all Greek poets, ____ was the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey.
"He must've been one great baseball player"
Known for the idea that one can not step into the same river twice, ____ was the pre-Socratic philosopher that argued that the nature of matter was constant change.
Opposed by Socrates, ____ were paid teachers of rhetoric who seemed to care more about making the better argument than truth.
"These guys weren't very SOFT"
____ ____ is the monotheistic Deity of Zoroastrianism.
Ahura Mazda
"I wonder what Zoro would've looked like in an RX-8"
Important for the preservation for the learning of Ancient Mesopotamia, ____ was the last great Assyrian king, whose royal library had over 20,000 clay tablets.
Ashurbanipal II
"With 20,000 tablets, I'm sure he would even BAN A PAL from going in there!"
____ was the reformer that divided Athens into "demes", which were political districts for representation.
The father of natural philosophy, ____ theorized that all matter was composed of the single element of water.
Thales of Miletus
"Water is somethin I could TELLS ya about for MILES"
____ was the Athenian commander and statesman that defected to the Spartans, which helped bring about the end of Athenian naval supremacy.
"He was BIASED in his alliance"
Writing in dialogue form, ____ was a student of Socrates and author of The Republic.
"He must've invented Play-Doh"
Founder of the Akkadian Empire, ____ is often identified with the biblical character, Nimrod.
"Is Nimrod there? SORRY he's GONE."
____ was a Greek philosopher more concerned with ethics and justice; was a critique of the religious-scheme yet valued his citizenship, and later became a martar for questioning the world around him.
"He was a martar, SO they put him in CRATES and buried him"
____ was a Greek philosopher who established the classification of biology and many other works, and established his own school called the Lyceum.
"Studied biology since he was a wee-little TOT"
The writer of more New Testament books than any other writer, ____ was largely responsible for spreading Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.
Abu Bakr was the first ____, which is the military and political successor to Muhammad.
"Abu, from Aladdin, moved to CALI"
In 622, Muhammad left Mecca for Medina, which is an event known as the ____.
"Muhammad's comin, lemme HIDE YA"
____ ____ arrived upon moderation and established the "Four Truths".
Gautama Buddha
"He arrived in moderation but he was one big BUD, HA!"
____ is the law of moral consequence.
"What goes around comes back around"
____ is the path of duty and moral responsibility for each cast.
____ is a deeper, more personal sense of religion.
"Don't MOCK someones religion"
____ was the Roman Emperor that made Christianity a legal Roman religion in the 4th Century.
"He CONSTANTLY tried to make Christianity legal"
____ was the Roman Emperor that made Christianity THE State religion.
"He made Christianity THE State Religion? Well, that's SupercalifragilisticexpialiDOCIOUS!
Demonstrated by Bayezid I on the battlefield of Kossovo in 1389, ____ was the traditional right of an incoming Ottoman sultan to execute his brothers for the sake of political stability.
The Principle of Imperial Fratricide
"The Emperor killed all his brothers, even FRAT brothers."
The last great installment of Hindu scripture, the ____ ____ is the epic poem that details the divine conversation between Arjuna and Krishna, who was the avatar of Vishnu.
Bhagavad Gita
____ was later known as the game of "chess".
"Stop CHATTING, play the game"
The Mongol leader Temujin was given the title ____ ____ meaning "ruler of the universe" in 1206 by an assembly of Mongol chieftains.
Ghengis Khan
"I won at JENGAS! I rule the universe! Yes I CAN!"
The author of The Treatise of Financial Gain, ____ defined government as "the science of punishment."
"He was one mean mamba-jamba, lemme TELL YA"
A series of traditional titles, ____ was the system that made Octavian the Roman Emperor.
The Principate System
"Octavian became the PRINCIPAL of Rome"
Name the 5 Pillars of Islam:
1. Confession
2. Prayer (usually 5 times a day, always facing Mecca [known as a Qiblah], and ritualistic)
3. Fasting at Ramadan
4. Zikat (known as tithing or giving alms to the poor)
5. The Hadj (a mandatory journey taken to Mecca at least once in a lifetime)
"Sorry, you're on your own LOL! =)"
Gautama Buddha established "The Four Truths". Name them.
1. Life is suffering
2. Suffering is caused by suffering
3. Destroy passion and you'll be free of suffering
4. "The 8-Fold Path"
"Sorry, you're on your own LOL =)"
Founded by Zeno, the ____ felt that wisdom was to understand the difference between good, evil and the morally neutral.