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Religion that originated in India about 500 b.c. and spread to china, where it grw to a major religion
A monotheistic religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhhamad and the biggest cultural and religious influence in North Africa
A pilosophy based on the book Tao Te Ching and the teaching of Lao-Tzu who believed in preserving and restoring harmony in the individual, with nature, and in the universe with little interference from the government
A movement based on the teachings of Confucius who stressed the importance of education in an ordered society in which one respects one's elders and obeys the government
A dominant religion of India, polytheistic, caste system
oldest southwest religion in Isreal, Jerusalem, Torah
Pillars of Islam
Faith, Charity, Pilgramige, Fasting, and Prayer
Population Density
average number of people who live in a measurable area
dramatic rise in number of cities and lifestyle changes that occur
Push-Pull Factors
factors that draw or repel people from a place
a person who moves to a country from another country
movement of people within a country
Rate of Natural Increase
difference between number of birth rates and death rates
number of births per population
Mortality Rate
the number of deaths per thousand
Population Pyramid
a graphic devise that shows gender/age distribution of a population
Continental Drift Theory
all coninents were at one time joined but floated apart over millions of years
Debt-for-nature swap
Environmental groups agree to pay government debt in return for protection of environment
Gross National Product
goods and services preduced by a country in a period of time; all goods inside and outside
Gross Domestic Product
goods and services produced in a country in a period of time; only within the country
Command Economy
production of goods and services is determined by the government
Per Capita Income
Average amount of money made by each person
Period of decline in general business activity
5 themes of geography
location, place, region, HEI, movement
cutting/clearing of trees and forests
Longitude lines
imaginary lines to determine absolute location, divide east and west
Latitiude lines
imaginary lines that use to determine absolute location, divides world north and south
divides world into northern and southern halves
political map
shows man-made boundaries
pyhsical map
shows natural features
shape, size, and location
ways geographers use to identify a country
artificial boundary
man-made boundaries
natural boundary
natuaral boundary (i.e. mountains)
absolute location
exact place on earth where a place is located
relative location
describes a location in relation to other places around it
belief in divine forces of nature
belief in more then one god
When the church controls the government
government in which an individual/group holds all political power
government in which citiznes hold political power either directly or through representation
government in which a ruling family headed by a king or queen holds all political power
a system in which government holds nearly all political power and means of production
a disease that affetcs a large population over a large geographic area
policy of complete seperation of races established by white minority in South Africa
most prevalent disease in Africa, sub- Saharan. sex, needles, birth. Aquired Immune Deficiancy Syndrome
Berlin Conference
confernence to establish political control of Africa in 1884-1885
Place in russia where nuclear weapons were tested that exploded
Ethnic Group
group of people who share language, heritage, and customs
Stateless nation
nation of people who don't legally occupy a territory
when a nation and a state occupy same territory
version of language that reflects changes in patterns
production and exchange of goods and services among people
economic system
way people produce and exchange goods
having more than one spouse (wife)
caste system
aryan system of social class in India
the culture change that occurs when individuals accept an innovation
one-child policy
policy in China that encouraged families to only have child to control populaiton growth, resulted in greater male population
popular algerian music known for is fast drum beats and urban style
tent of central asia's nomads
discrimination against Jewish people
workplace where people work long hours, low pay, poor conditions
Nelson Mandela
South African man who was in control during the aparthied
Non-violence protest leader in India and South Africa
Dalai Lama
Religious leader in Tibet
Mao Zedong
Communistic leader in China who defeated nationalists
Yasser Arafat
Leader of the Palestinians and PLO, recently died
area of land between india and pakistan, fighting for ownership
Region in China fighting for independence from China
Region in Russia that is fighting for independence form Russia