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An economic and political system in which the government owns or controls almost all of the facilities and resources necessary to make products
An economic activity involving the movement and processing of information
An economic activity tat provides services to primary and secondary industries and to consumers; also called a service industry
Tertiary industries
An economic activity that takes goods made in primary industries and processes them into produces that are useful to consumers
Secondary industry
An economic activity, such as agriculture, forestry, or mining that makes direct use of natural resources or raw materials
Primary industry
Loans or gifts of money from one country to another
Foreign aid
A business with activities in many countries
Multinational company
An economic principle under which prices are determined mostly through competition and people are free to choose what and when to sell and buy.
free enterprise
A _____ is an area that has many shared cultural traits
culture region
This crop is known as the most widely cultivated plant in the world today
This stresses the strict following of basic traditional principles.
_____is a population that shares a common cultural background
Ethnic group
When a hunter gathers studied a plant or animal so closely they found out how to grow or tame it is an example of
When people grow food on small farms mostly for their own families it is called
subsistence agriculture
In a ............. human rights are promoted and they value individual principles
Someone who moves out of a country
The ability to read and write
An economic system based on free enterprise, in which resources, industries and businesses are owned by private individuals.
An economy in which consumers determine what is to be bought or sold by buying or not buying certain goods and services
market economy
An economy in which the government determines wages, the kinds and amounts of goods produced and the price of goods
command economy
Electronically transmitted communication
Facilities and structures such as roads, bridges, and power plants, that are needed to build industries and move goods in and out of a country
Someone who moves into a country
....taxes placed on imports and exports
...... includes all the features of a society's way of life
.................... are activities and behaviors that people repeatedly practice
culture traits
The number of births per 1000 people in a given year
birth rate
The number of deaths per 1000 people in a given year
death rate
The study that emphasizes statistics to look at human population, distribution, population density and trends in population.
The value of goods and services produced by a country in a year, both inside and outside the country
Gross National Product
The value of goods and services produce within a country in a year, not including income earned outside of that country
Gross Domestic Product