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The 25,000+ islands which are located in the Pacific Ocean Region.
What is Oceania? (612)
A collective name for islands found in the largest geographic feature on earth (Pacific O.)
A ring of small islands built up on a coral reef surrounded by a shallow lagoon.
What is an Atoll? (613)
Ex. Bikini ______. A circular group of coral islands which have a shallow lagoon.
An area off a country's coast, whose resources are claimed and controlled by that country.
What is the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone)? (615)
Island countries claim a 200 mile zone around their islands in which they control all marine resources. Other countries wishing to fish/mine within the area must pay a fee to the controlling nation/island.
A cold,dry, region receiving less precipitation than the Sahara Desert in Africa.
What is a Polar Desert? (620)
Ex. Antarctica has a polar ice-cap climate due to its high elevation and it is 95% covered in sheets of ice, miles thick. Average temperatures range around -120 degrees F.
A rapid flow of dense cold air down the slopes of high mountains or ice caps.
What are Katabatic Winds? (620)
Icy winds blowing >100 mph along the coast of Antarctica's ranges.
Wells in which water rises toward the surface without being pumped.
What are Artesian Wells? (605)
Caused by pressurized aquifers underground which lie under the Great Artesian Basin of interior Queensland
The study of the geographic distribution of plants and animals.
What is Biogeography? (605)
In Australia, many species are only native to the continent due to its isolation from others.(ex. Marsupials)
Plants and animals that originate only in a particular geographic region.
What is an Endemic Species? (605)
Many of Australia's plants and animals developed in isolation from other species and are not found on other continents.
Mammals who carry their young in pouches.
What are Marsupials? (605)
Ex. Kangaroos, Koala Bears, Platypus, Spiny Anteater, Eucalyptus Plant Species (>500 types) including 90% of trees of Australia.
Plants and animals introduced to a particular region by humans.
What are Alien Species? (606)
Migrating or being brought into a certain area where they are not native.
Ex. Aborigines came from Asia, Dingo (wild dog) from Asia, Europeans introduced sheep, rabbits, foxes, water buffalo, birds, and hundreds of plants.