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What is pyrethrum?
A pesticide made from flowers
What is malnutrition?
A disease caused by having an unhealthy diet
Does Kenya use their farmland for subsistance farming or for cash crops?
Cash crops
What is the captial of Kenya?
What the largest lake in Africa?
Lake Victoria
Where do most Kenyans live?
The highlands of the southwest region
What valley runs through Kenya?
The Great Rift Valley
What European country made Kenya a colony?
What was the Mau Mau Rebellion?
The Kikuyu went to war to kick the British settlers out of Kenya - the Kikuyu lost
What did the British build from Lake Victoria to the coast?
A railroad
Who became the president of independent Kenya?
Jomo Kenyatta
What was Kenyatta's mission for Kenya?
harambee - means "pulling together" in Swahili
What 3 things made Kenya unstable?
Population grew too fast
fighting of ethnic groups
political unrest
What is the newest country in Africa?
What is strategic value?
The value of location to nations planning large scale military actions
What 4 countries are located on the horn of Africa?
How does Djibouti earn most of their wealth?
From fees paid to use their ports - France pays lots of money
Who are FRUD?
Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy - opposition group in Djibouti
What is one of the oldest African countries?
What country gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1991?
Eritrea - making Ethiopia a landlocked country
What is the capital of Eritrea?
Asmara - very modern & European in style
What 2 things have hurt Somalia?
Civil War
Severe drought in early 1990s
What is the largest nation in Africa?
The Sudan
What 2 groups have been at war since Sudan became independent in 1956?
The Muslim Arabs in the North vs. the African Christian/animism groups in the South
What 3 eastern African countries are landlocked?
What is the Sudd?
Big swamp area in southern Sudan - means "the Barrier"
What Ugandan dictator made 300,000 people "disappear"?
Idi Amin
What is ethnocracy?
A government where 1 ethnic group rules the others
What 2 countries havae ethnocracy type governments?
Rwanda & Burundi
What 2 ethnic groups make up Rwanda?
Hutu - 90%
Tutsi - 10% aka Watusi
What was villagization?
Rural people forced to move into towns to work on collective farms
What is the 2nd poorest country in Africa?
What ethnic group controlled South Africa?
The white minority
What is apartheid?
Means "apartness" - black South Africans had to live apart from the white minority
Wht European settlers came to South Africa after the original Dutch/German/French?
The British - who asserted British rule over everyone
What 2 names were the European settlers of South Africa called?
Afrikaners or Boers
What caused the Afrikaners to accept British rule?
The winning of the Boer War by the British
What was the name of the land that black South Africans were forced to move to?
What 4 things helped South Africa become the wealthiest African nation?
Cheap energy - lots of coal
Lots of capital
Strong ties to Europe
Cheap labor of Black S.Africans
What were the South African homelands?
Every African was assigned to a homeland and could only move if they had a pass letting them move elsewhere
What is segregation?
Forced to live apart
What are sanctions?
Actions that punish a country for behavior for which the international community doesn't approve
What is the ANC?
African National Congress - leg by Nelson Mandela
Who became South Africa's first black president?
Nelson Mandela
What are the 2 countries that lie within South Africa?
What is an enclave?
A country completely surrounded by another country & dependent on it
What 2 landlocked Southern African countries are dependent on South Africa?
What is white flight?
Departure of trained white administrators & technicians
What 2 South African countries were Portuguese colonies?
What type of government did Angolia and Mozambique adopt when they became independent?
What was the name of the Angolian rebel group supported by South Africa?
What was the name of the Mozambique rebel group supported by South Africa?
What is infrastructure?
A country's basic support system - transportation, education, water etc.
What was teh former name of Zimbabwe?
What is a policy of land redistribution?
Land is taken from those who have plenty and give to those who have little or none
What is the world's poorest country?
What mineral did Zambia rely on for its wealth?