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What are the 2 main rivers of the Sahel region?
The Niger and Senegal Rivers
What are the 5 most northern countries of the Sahel?
Mauritania - Mali- Niger- Burkina Faso - Chad
What is shifting agriculture?
Farm plots of land for 1-2 years, then move to farm another plot of land
Was the Sahara Desert always a desert?
What are the 2 main crops of the Sahel?
Millet & sorghum
What country of the Sahel is a model of democracy?
What is a landlocked nation?
A nation cut off from the sea
What is a refugee?
A person who flees their home to escape danger or unfair treatment
What is desertification?
The savanna turns to desert - so desert grows bigger
What is deforestation?
Land that is stripped of trees
What is forage?
Food for grazing animals
What is an inland delta?
An area of lakes, creeks & swamps away from the ocean
What country has one of the world's largest deposits of uranium?
Are the Sahal countries minerally rich?
What 2 advantages do the countries of coastal West Africa have?
Wetter climate - better for crops
Natural harbors for trade
What is a coup?
Sudden political takeover
Who founded Liberia?
Freed American slaves
What is a grassroots effort?
An effort or cause started by people
What is ancestor worship?
Belief in spirits of the dead
What is animism?
Belief that ordinary things of nature, sky, trees etc. contain gods or spirits
What 2 things have stopped Nigeria from becoming a strong country?
Lack of unity
Poor government leadership
What is the official language of Nigeria?
What is Nigeria's main source of wealth?
What is structural adjustment?
Program of set guidelines to make a country's economy work better -
What 2 things cause a lack of unity in Nigeria?
Religioius differences
Political differences
What are the 7 countries of Central Africa?
Cameroon - Equitorial Guinea - Gabon - Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo - Republic of Sao Tome - Principe
What is the largest river of Central Africa?
The Congo River
What is another name for the Congo River?
The Zaire River
What is the capital of D.R. Congo?
What is a barrier to travel in Central Africa?
The dense rain forest
What is the capital of Congo?
What form of transportation is used to move goods in Cental Africa?
What is the CFA?
African Financial Community - use same currency - CFA franc
What is a waterhed?
Dividing ridge between 2 basins
How does Central Africa get most of its electricity?
What is global warming?
A gradual rise in global temperatures
What is the main renewable resource of Cental Africa?
Rain forests
What are mercenaries?
Hired soldiers
What is bartering?
Exchange of goods without the use of money - trading
What was D.R. Congo's name changed to in the 1960's?
Zaire - it is now back to D.R. Congo
Name 3 minerals that are found in D.R. Congo?
Copper, Cobalt & diamonds
What caused D.R. Congo to fail to reach its potential?
Political unrest - followed by a leader who stole from the country
What do the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) do?
They are 2 UN organization that lend money to countries for development projects