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What does haviang access to the good health care & medicine do the the growth rate?
Makes the population growth rate go up - healthy people live longer
What is literacy rate?
The percentage of people than can read and write
What is age distribution?
How the population is made up according to age
What is death rate?
How many people die per 1,000 people
What is birth rate?
How many babies are born for every 1,000 people
What is life expectancy?
How long people can expect to live
What is infant mortality?
How many babies die before their 1st birthday
How does having an educated society effect growth rate?
The more educated, the smaller the population - educated people have fewer childern
How does having an industrial nation effect growth rate?
They have a smaller population - women will work and have less children
How does a nation's economic development effect growth rate?
The richer the country, the lower the population growth will be
Name 3 pull migration factors?
Religious freedom, political freedom, availibility of jobs, arable land, ethnic or family ties
Name 3 push migration factors?
Overpopulation, religious persecution, natural hazards, no personal freedom, political persecution, lack of jobs
How has migration effected the world?
Do developing countries have high or low life expectancy?
Low - people die young
Do developing countries have a high or low literacy rate?
Low - few people can read or write
Do developing countries have high or low population growth?
High - people have large families
Does every country have every resource that they need?
Name 3 capital resources?
Money to invest
Level of infrastructure
Availability of tools, machines & technology
Name 3 nonrenewable resources?
Fossil fuels (oil, gas)
gold, iron, coal, copper, bauxite
Name 3 renewable resources?
Do developed nations have high or low infant mortality rates?
Low - most babies live past their 1st birthday
Do developed nations have high or low life expectancy?
High - people live a long time
Do developed nations have high or low literacy rates?
High - most people can read and write
Do deveoped nations have high or low population growth?
Low - people have small families
Do developing nations have a high or low percentage of people living in rural areas?
High - most are rural farmers
Do developing nations have high or low infant mortality rates?
High - many babies die before their 1st birthday
Do people move from urban areas to rural areas?
No - people move from farms to cities
What nation has limited resources and exchanges crops for manufactured goods?
The Cote d'Ivoire
What nation has a diverse economy, many natural resource, and specialized industries?
The U.S.
What country has many natural resources, but their climate and transportation make them expesive to get to?
Russia - most frozen under the ground
What country is highly industrialized, but has limited natural resources?
What is comparative advantage?
Nations will export goods & services that they can produces cheaper than other nations
Do deveoped nations have a high or low percentage of the population living in urban areas?
High - most people live in cities
What is NATO?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization - military alliance between the U.S. and Western European nations
What is OPEC?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries - alliance of oil producing countries - regulate price & production of oil
What is NAFTA?
North American Free Trade Agreement - a trading alliance between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico
What is ASEAN?
Association of South East Asian Nations - trading alliance of Southeast Asia
What is the U.N.?
The United Nations - headquarted in NYC - nations help solve world problems and conflicts - not military
What does the Red Cross/Red Crescent do?
They offer humanitarian aid worldwide
What is the OAS?
The Organization of American States - members are from North & South America to address problems
What is the league of Arab States?
An alliance of Arab Nations
What is the OAU?
Organization of African Unity - alliance of African nations