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What are gauchos?
South American cowboys
What is disparity of income?
An area of very rich people and very poor people
What are haciendas?
Large ranches in South America
What are cash crops?
Crops grown for money
How are rainforests cleared?
Slash & burn technique
What is plantation agriculture?
Growing crops for large commerical companies
What is subsistance farming?
Growing just enough food to fee your family
What is an archipelago?
Chain of islands
Ex: The Caribbean Islands
What are the Pampas?
Grasslands of Argentina
What is the dominant climate of South America?
Name the coastal desert of South America.
The Atacama Desert
In what country is the Amazaon Rain Forest?
What mountain range is on Mexico's West coast?
The Sierra Madre Occidental
What mountain range is on Mexico's East coast?
The Sierra Madre Oriental
What is the mountain range on the west coast of South America?
The Andes Mountain Range
What 2 influences did the Europeans bring to Latin America?
Their language (Spainish & Portuguese)
Religion - Roman Catholic
What type of social structure is in Latin America?
Very rigid - Europeans wealthy - Indians poor
What 2 Indian groups lived in Mexico?
Mayas and Aztecs
What brought African traditions to Latin America?
Slave trade
In what 2 countries did the Inca Indians live?
Peru and Chile
What type of cities are along the coast of Latin America?
Mega cities
What is found near Latin American mega cities?
Squatter settlements - or shanty towns
Does Latin America have "in" or "out" migration?