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What identifies map orientation or direction?
Compass Rose
Name 4 types of people that use latitude & longitude?
Weater forcasters
Sea Captains
What is relative location?
Where something is located in relationship to something else
Ex: Richmond is north of Va. Beach
Nme 3 types of thematic maps?
Population density; population distribution; Economic activity; Resources; Ethnicity
Can maps change over time?
What are the 2 other names of Taiwan?
Formosa, and the Republic of China
What was Israel's name before World War II?
What are the Occupied Territories of Israel?
Territories where Palestinians live but are governed by Israel
What are Israel's Occupied Terrritories?
The West Bank and Golan Heights
What caused teh maps of Africa to change since 1914?
Countries gained independence from European powers
Name the 3 times that Europe's maps changed since 1900.
After WWI - 1914
After WWII
When Communism fell - 1990
After the Soviet Union fell (1990), how many of the Soviet republics became independent?
What changed the map of the Middle East after 1948?
Palestine became Israel, and Israel gained territory from other countries in the region
What is another name for the Middle East?
North Africa and South West Asia
What country in Asia is still divided?
Korea - divided into North Korea - Communist
South Korea - Democratic
What is the only true representation of the earth?
A globe
What are the 4 world climate regions?
Low Latitudes - tropical
Middle Latitudes - 4 seasons
High Latitudes - subartic
Desert & Highlands - in every latitude
What are the 4 elements of climate?
Influence of latitude (north/south)
Influence of winds
Influence of elevation
Proximity to water
What are the 3 characteristics of climate?
What is the main use of the Robinson Projection?
Data representation
Ex: classroom maps
Who uses the Polar Projection for navigation?
Airline pilots
Who uses the Mercator Projectoin for navigation?
Ship captains
All maps are distorted in these 4 ways.
Size, shape, distance, direction
What 2 things define absolute location?
Latitude & longitude