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What is a moor?
Wide plains wtthout trees
What is decentralizing government?
When the government transfers power to smaller regions
What is annexing?
Formally adding land to a territory
What industries make Luxembourg rich?
Steel, high-tech, and service industries
What mountain range runs along the top of Italy?
The Alps
What is a Mediterranean climate?
Hot & dry in the summer, and mild & wet in teh winter
What mountain range runs through Italy?
What is peat?
Spongy moss - used by power plants to make electricity
What ocean currents keep Denmark, 1/2 of Iceland, and Western Norway in a mild climate zone?
The North Atlantic Drift
What does the E.U. stand for?
European Union - trading pact with Western European nations
What is Impressionism?
Type of art, where teh subject is a fleeting visual impression
What is a confederation?
Loose organization of states - united for the common good
Ex: Switzerland
What is a canton?
The name for Swiss States
Name 2 mountain ranges in France
Massif Central
The Alps
How many official languages does Switzerland have?
4 - French, German, Italian, Romansch
What is a recession?
An extended decline in general business activity
What is Iceland's nickname?
Land of Fire and Ice
What 2 ethnic groups make up the Netherlands?
The Walloons - speak French
The Flemish - speak Dutch
What is a mixed economy?
An Economy that has different degrees of government regulation
Ex. The U.S.
What is a polder?
Reclaming land by building dikes, then pumping out the water with windmill power to that farm land can be formed
What is the capital of Greece?
What is a dike?
Wall of dirt and rock, made to hold back water
What is blight?
Plant disease that wipes out crops
In what peninsula is Portugal and Spain located?
Iberian Peninsula
When was Germany reunited?
October, 1990
What is a loch?
Scottish lake carved by glaciers
What products is Portugal known for?
Olive oil, wine, cork
What is nationalize?
Businesses brought under state control
What industries are found in Austria?
Machine tools, chemicals, textiles and dairy farming
What is lignite?
Soft brown coal - used in Germany - big air polluter
What is a fjord?
Narrow valley or inlet near the sea - was carved by glaciers - Netherlands
What does "seismically active" mean?
Area with many earthquakes and volcanoes
What is inflation?
Sharply rising prices
What does multilingual mean?
Many different languages are spoken
What is dialect?
Variations of a language that are unique to a region
What 2 products are the Swiss known for?
Chocolate and Cheese
What is geothermal engergy?
Energy that comes from the Earth's interior - used for electricity in Iceland
What is an estuary?
The wide mouth of a river where a fresh water river meets saltwater
What is a bog?
Area of wet, spongy ground
Is Switzerland rich or poor?
What places make up the United Kingdom?
England - Soctland - Wales - Northern Ireland
How is Ireland divided?
Northern Ireland is part of the U.K. - Independent Republic of Ireland in the south
In what country did the Industrial Revolution begin?
What are reparations?
Money for war damages
What is a firth?
Scottish coastal inlet
What is a summit?
Highest point of a mountain
Is Germany more industrial or agricultural?
What are the Prevailing Westerlies?
Winds that blow across the warm ocean currents of the North Atlantic Drift
What is the name of teh plain that makes up most of northern Europe?
The North European Plain
What is a glen?
A narrow valley - Scotland
What mountain range divides France and Spain?
The Pyrennes
Define "politically neutral".
A country that doesn't take sides in international disputes