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what is the name of the polish labor union that brought democratic reform to poland?
what name has serbia and montenegro kept?
what is the main ethnic group in slovenia and who are they close to?
Slovens-who have close ties to western Europe
what is the main ethnic group in hungary?
the Magyars
what is Hungary's nickname?
the "breadbasket of Europe"
what is Bulgaria's nickname?
"garden of eastern europe"
what was the Holocaust?
the Nazi massaure of 6 million jews in Europe-Greek for "a fire that burns something completely"
what are grabens?
land that dropped down between faults,and the flooded.ex:the aegean sea
what is the main religion in croatia?
Roman Catholic
what is an entrepreneur?
go getters who start and build businesses
what mountain range is in romania?
the Carpathian mountains minerally rich
what is a ghetto?
an area of a city where a minority is forced to live
what religion and alphabet do the Serbs use?
Eastern orthodox-Cyrillic alphabet
what are the 2 ethnic groups in Croatia?
what is the largest greek island?
what is a hub?
a center of activity and influence
what are the siroccos?
Hot,dry winds that blow from northern africa to spain
define multiethnic
an area made of many ethnic groups
what does navigable mean?
a river that is deep and wide enough for ships to pass
what is the multiplier effect?
the effect an investment has in multiplying related jobs though the economy.