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Lines of blank and blank that measure from north- south and east- west help us better locate places on the globe.
Latitude and Longtitude.
I'm "long"ing to hear an answer!
The blank, is the imaginary line that divides the earth into two sections (north and west).
Is the answer "equal" to the question?
Name the 4 cardinal Directions.
North, East, South, and west.
Never Eat Soggy Worms!!!
Name the 4 intermediate directions.
Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.
Nevereat, neverworms, soggyworms, soggyeat.
A blank graph shows data visually in an organized way.
Bar Graph
Bary Good!
A blank is useful for showing how periods change over time.
Line Graph.
Line up all of your facts before you answer!
A blank chart will show a percentage of something in parts or as a whole.
Pie Chart/ Circle Graph
That sure looks yummy!
Seven large landmasses on the earth.
Are you done conting all seven?
Characteristic of a place occuring naturally, such as a landform, body of water, climate pattern, or resource.
Phisical Feature
This sport is very phisical!
Your balnk explains where you come from, your customs, ect.
Indians customs are very cultural.
I have many blanks mixed in me.
What is an ethnic group?
Name three things that people say shrink the world.
WEbcams, cell phones, e-mails, internets, news stations, chat rooms, ect.
Electronics are so much fun!
a blank is like an ethnic group with people who culture, race, or ethnic origin is different from that of most people in the region.
Minority Group
In a minor case it is copmpared to an ethinc group.
a blank government is where the person who creates laws must also obey them.
The government pushes it to the limit.
However a blank government does not have to obey the laws they make.
We dont "un"derstand that statement.