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3 main periods of Ancient Egypt
old, middle, new kingdom
first pharaoh
King kufu
king kufu accomplishments
built pyramids, strong cetral government
another name for old kingdom
age of pyramids
how King Kufu maintained strong government
controlled food and oversaw everything - made sure people had food
pharaoh of middle kingdom
Senusret accomplishments
architecture and build the white chapel
another name for middle kingdom
Period of reunification
pharoah of new kingdom
Hatshepsut accomplishments
first girl pharaoh, shared her power
Hatshepsut kept control by...
told stories about her father (that he was a god) - she dressed as a man and artists drew her as a man
How did Hatshepsut strengthen her position?
she filled the government with loyal advisors
another name for new kingdom
Egypt's golden age
Why was it called the golden age?
Hatshepsut encouraged trade with other countries and her rise to power as a woman was important
2nd ruler during new kingdom
Ramses II
best known accomplishments of Ramses
military leadership and building many monuments to himself - more than any other pharaoh
ruler of ancient Egypt
period of time someone rules
social pyramid
pyramid outline showing positions of social classes according to their status in society
social classes
group in a society ranked by factors such as wealth, property, and rights
high birth or rank
person who does farm work for wealthy land owners
importancein society
after life
life after death
written agreement by which 2 or more states agree to peaceful relations
first pharaoh to sign peace treaty
Ramses II
why was religion important for order in Ancient Egypt
pharaohs were considered gods and owned everything - responsible for people's welfare - they were kings, generals and religious leaders of Egypt