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What does the term self-determination mean?
People should be free to decide how their countries were governed.
Countries were very determined to do more things on their own such as ?
A reduction in military power.
Great Depression
Happened in October of 1929. World wide collapse of business and industry that lasted from 1929 to 1939.
protective tariffs
taxes on foreign goods to make them more expensive to encourage people to buy goods made locally.
domestic goods
products made within the country.
a single party controls the government. Uses war and racism to gain greater support from the people. popular in Germany, Spain, Italy.
councils to govern their areas.
White Russians
enemies of the communists
New Economic Policy
Lenin’s policy to continue to follow communist ideas-the government sill owned basic industry but also allowed some private ownership of property. NEP was used to successfully rebuild Russia’s economy until 1928 .
Five Year Plan
Stalin’s plan to focus on expanding heavy industries like steel mills, oil refineries, and machinery plants.
Stalin gathered all small farmers together form a large farm that was owned and operated by the government. A percentage of crops produced to be turned over to the government.
prosperous peasant farmers that refused to join collectives. Many burned their crops and destroyed their farm animals rather than turn them over to the Communists. Stalin declared them to be enemies of the state and millions were killed or imprisoned.
Great Purge
leading members of the communist party were tried for treason and executed while millions more were sent as slave labor to desolate camps in the Arctic Region.
Fascist Party
organized in Italy in 1919. Believed 'the nation' must be all-powerful. Rights of the state were more important than individual's rights.
Rome-Berlin Axis
Mussolini's agreement with Hitler.
formed of Socialists, Communists, workers and liberals.
formed of army leaders, landowners, monarchists, Catholic groups, and conservatives.
Weimar Republic
After World War I, when many German soldiers were unable to find jobs upon returning home, the hopes of the German people focused on the city of Weimar.
When the Nazi party received the most votes in the election of 1930, Hitler was appointed to a position similar to a prime minister .
German word that means empire. Hitler boasted that his Third Reich would last for a thousand years. It only lasted 12 years!
one-sided presentation of information.Hitler's propaganda minister said,"if a lie is told often enough, people will believe it's true."
separate sections of German cities where Jews were forced to live.
to use force to take over other countries.
giving in to demands by an aggressor nation, hoping to prevent war.
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Japans growing empire in Asia.
spoke out against
Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis
An alliance between Tokyo(Japan-Tojo)/Rome(Italy-Mussolini)/Berlin(Germany-Hitler)
'great soul'
'truth force' In truth this came to mean peaceful resistance to British authorities.
civil disobedience
Ghandi urged Indian people to peacefully resist by refuse to pay taxes, to serve in the government or to obey British Laws Laborers were urged not to work for foreign employers and student were encouraged to not attend British schools.
Jewish nationist movement to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1897
Nazi-Soviet Non Agression Pact
Happened August 1939, Stalin and Hitler agreed not to attack each other.
'lightening war' Germans used this tactic to quickly defeat Poland. Dive bombers attack from the air to support tank assaults on the ground then infantry would usually followed to occupy the invaded territory.
series of military operations
Lend Lease Program
Roosevelt gave Churchill warships for the British Navy to use to fight the Germans. In exchange Britain gave the US a 99 year lease on several islands Atlantic allowing American Naval bases to be established.
December 7 , 1941
Japanese bomb United States fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
military plan of action