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The colonial period lasted from what date to what date?
One of the three major countries involved in the settlement of the us was?
The earliest cities in the northeast sprang up along what topographical feature?
Fall lines
Us expansion to this territory occured when it was purchased from russia in 1867?
The territory which doubled the size of the us in 1803 was?
The 1st planned city in the us was?
Washington D.C
One of the three major countries involved in the us settlement was?
One of the largest metropolitain areas in the us stretches from boston to
washington dc
The percentage of the american workforce engaged in agg is
the 1st permanent english colony in north america was established in 1607 at
One of the major crops to be found on plantations in the south was
one on the three major countries involved in the settlement of the u.s was
Territory annexed by the us in 1898 was
the country's interest in settleing of north america centered on wealth and power and locating the cities of gold
the colonial group based its economy on primaraly farming
new england, mid atlantic, and southern
the country's interest in in settling of north america centered on fur trade
the colonial group which has its economy on small farms trade and fishing besides new england was the
Mid atlantic
one of the major crops to be found on plantaions in the south
Manufacturing takes up what percent of the us economy
the direction of territorial expantsion for the us was
the # of colonies established by the english along the atlantic coastal in what is now us was
The plantation system is associated whith which colonial group?
the greatest mover of goods in the us is by what transportation network
inland boating
a diverse pop is major characteristic associated with which of the colonial groups?
new england, mid atlantic and southern
the battle of alamo involved gov. troops from Mexico and rebels that were legal citizens of what country?
Type of economic change in which less emphasis is placed on heavy industry and more on service and high-tech buisnesses is known as
post industriel economy
The % of the world's exports provided by the us is
The taxes placed on imports from another country are known as
what % of the american workforce is engage in service industries?
one of the states found in the southern colonies was
south carolina
the # of contigous states between Mexico and canada
one of the states found in the mid atlantic was
one of the magor reasons hawaii was anexed by the us was that it served as a refuiling and supply stop for ships trading with
the mexican general who led forves against the rebels at the alamo was
Santa anna
what is the # of metropolitan areas that can be found in the us?
the revolutionary war officially ended with the signing of the
treaty of paris
how many people can be found living in the largest metropolitain areas that can be found in the us.
42 million
the president to order the exploration of the louisiana territory was
when the territory of the gadsden purchase was acquired in 1853 this gave the us
a southern railroad route to the pacific
the colonial period in america ended with the
declaration of independence
in the territorial expansion of the us in 1819 florida was obtained from spain in exchange for the us giving up clains to
which of the following crops was not a major plantaion crop?
a. wheat b.tabacco c. sugarcane d. cotton
a wheat
in the war with mexico the us claimed the boundry to be the
rio grande
the oregon territory was acquired by the us in 1846 from
the annual birthrate for the us is
what % of the us pop can be found living in a metropolitin areas in the us
the pop in the us is just over
3 million
the treaty that was removed trade restrictions between the us and its neighboring countries is known as
land vontrolled by an outside country is the definition for
earning more from evports than it spends on imports is the definition for
trade surplus
policy/belief that the us had the right to expand its territory from the atlantic to pacific was known as
manifest destiny
converting old favtories for use in new industries is the definition for
over how many millions of miles roads can be found in the us
3.9 million
the first immigrants to north america came from
the movement of people from one country into another is a definiton for
the ws mode of transportation that carries the least amount of good is
most residential areas found on the outside of a city are known as