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Eating DO

tx (5)
1. CBT for bulemia (WE)
2. interpsonal tx for bulemia (PE)
3. CBT for binge eating DO (PE)
4. behavior tx for obesity (PE)
5. Hypnosis as adjunct to CBT for obesity (PE)
Sleep DO

tx (4)

referalls/adjuncts (3)
1. sleep hygine
2. relaxation techniques
3. restructing cognitions with increase worries about sleep problems
4. medication managemnet

1. medical eval (sleep lab)
2. medication eval
3. substance abuse eval/tx
Impulse Control Disorders

tx (2)

referrals/adjuncts (4)
1. self-monitoring of impulsive behavior
2. relapse prevention strategies re: iding triggers, creating plan to deal with triggers

1. medical eval
2. medication eval (anti-convulsants)
3. self-help groups
4. legal consult
Adjustment DO

medical and/or medication?
medication only
Personality Disorder

tx (2)
1. DBT for BPD (PE)
2. short-term, skills-focused tx for psychsocial functioning
Marital Discord

tx (3)
1. behavioral marital tx (WE)
2. emotionally focused couples tx (PE)
3. insight-oriented marital tx (PE)
Sex offenders

behavior mod for sex offenders (PE)
thought stopping
Stress Inoculation Tx (SIT)
graded task assignnment
Self-instruction tx
Motivational Interviewing
Relapse Prevention
Exposure w/ response prevention

Are WHAT kind of tx are each?
thought stopping - Behavior TX
Stress Inoculation Tx (SIT)
distraction - cognitive TX
graded task assignnment - Behavior TX
Self-instruction tx - cognitive TX
self-monitoring - Behavior TX
Motivational Interviewing - cognitive TX
Relapse Prevention - cognitive TX
DBT - Behavior TX
Exposure w/ response prevention - Behavior TX

Are WHAT kind of tx are each?