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What must personnel be aware of regarding Workplace Behaviour?
Personnel are to be fully conservant with safety precautions, and hazards, associated with all equipment and procedures that they are required to use.
What are the 8 responsible behaviour points in the workplace?
1. Carrying out instructions properly (compliance)
2. Asking when in doubt (initiative)
3. Rectifying or reporting all unsafe conditions (situational awareness)
4. Having injuries, however minor properly attended to (responsibility)
5. Not distracting or interfering with anyone
6. Obeying all safety rules and signs
7. Knowing the location of First Aid Kits
8. Knowing the locations of, and how to use Fire Fighting appliances.
What are the 6 Good Housekeeping practices?
1. Cleaning up at intervals during the day
2. Prompt removal of spillage
3. Keeping all access lanes, fire exits and passageways clear of obstructions.
4. Do not leave tools and other materials scattered about
5. Storage of Flammable Items
(i) Dust
(ii) Flammable Liquids
(iii) Spontaneous Combustion Dangers
6. Stacking materials so they cannot fall or project dangerously
Whose responsibility is it with regards to wearing Personal Protective Equipment?
It is up to the tradesperson to identify the risk and ensure PPE is worn, as well as looking out for mates.
What are the 3 things Users are to ensure with regards to PPE?
1. That is is kept readily available where it may be required.
2. Worn whenever necessary
3. Kept in a clean and serviceable condition.
What principle area of the body do we need to protect?
1. Eyes/Face
2. Hearing
3. Feet
4. Skin
5. Head
What are some examples of equipment used to protect the prime areas?
Safety goggles or glasses
DPMS /w Boots, Overalls/Dustcosts, Cold Weather gloves, Rubber gloves, Gloves
Hearing Protection:
Ear Defenders
Foot Protection:
Combat boots, Steel caps, Safety shoes
Head Protection:
Helmets or hard hats
What are the 3 ways to prevent injuries resulting from lifting or carrying?
1. Learn the correct method of lifting and carrying
2. Use the appropriate protective equipment
3. Use suitable mechanical equipment when possible
What areas are manual lifting techniques broken down to?
1. Precautions before lifting
2. Lifting procedure
What are the 4 ways we can prevent the build up of static electricity?
1. Anti-static pads
2. Anti-static sprays
3. Using anti static wrist straps
4. By grounding equipment properly