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the process of exchanging information in verbal, non-verbal, written or electronic form between internal and external customers
conflict resolution
the process of solving disagreements or issues by adopting techniques of due process - listen, acknowledge, respond, report, follow up.
cultural diversity
the degree of difference related to ones cultural background and beliefs
needs and expectations
needs are the basic requirements for life as opposed to our anticipation or expectation of the way something should be
internal customers
refers to ourselves, workmates and colleagues
external customers
our clients and customers, people who pay for goods and services such as a guest at a resort
verbal communication
using words to convey a message and the use of questioning, active listening and answering
the way we use our voices to convey meaning eg sarcastic or happy.
non-verbal communication
conveyed by means other than words includes body language, gestures, timing, environment and personal presentation
written communication
relies on the use of words and how they are presented eg memos, reports, rosters and orders, emails and marketing material
customer types
- families
- business people
- couples/newlywed
- singles
- elderly
- tourists
- disabled