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1st 100 days in office
In FDR's first 100 days in office he pushed program after program through Congress to probide relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery. He also fixed the bank problem, provided relief, and created jobs.
Failures of New Deal
Women- Recieved lower pay and had trouble getting jobs.
African Americans and minorities- Discrimination and low pay
Right-(Rich) Disliked the higher taxes and social seccurity
Left-Thought that it did not go far enough in addressing the nation's ills.
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelts plan to turn the country arround and bring it out of the depression. With this idea FDR won the support of many Americans.
The National Industrial Recovery Act
Set prices within industry to help out the industries themselves.
2nd New Deal
FDR's seccond burst of legislative activity, where he included more social welfare benefits, stricter controls over business, stronger support for unions, and higher taxes on the rich.
Election of 1932
Hoover vs. Roosevelt
Roosevelt won by a landlide.
Democratic votes.
Pack Supreme Court
FDR tried to add 6 more members to the Supreme Court in order to overcome the conservatives to get his way with greater ease.
Wagner Act
A National Labor Relations Act
Legalized pracices allowed only unevenly in the past, such as closed shops and collective bargaining.
FDR- Economic Plan
FDR pushed program after program through Congress to provide relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery. Then he restored the banks and put federal money behind public works programs.