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vito vitare (1)
avoid, shun, keep clear
pontus -i M
the sea
consideo considere consedi concessum
to sit down, settle down, to establish oneself
adhibeo adhibere adhibui adhibitum
to apply, to make use of , to bring to summon
Infimus a um
meritum -i (n)
service, kindness, benefit
populor populari polatus
to lay waste, to destroy, to devastate
inferior inferitus
lower, inferior, later
prosum prodesse profui (+Dat)
to do good, to be useful
molior moliri molitus
to exert oneself, to make an effort
reperio reperi repertum (4)
find, find out, discover, invent
out of doors, abroad
culmen inis (n)
top, summit, gable, eminence
succuro sucurre sucurri sucursum +dat
to run to help
amplector amplecti amplexus
I embrace