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What does anarchy mean? absence of government
2.lack of order; total confusion
What does apprehend mean?
1. to seize; to arrest
2. to grasp the meaning of; to understand
What does arraign mean?
1. to bring before a court to face charges
What does assimilate mean?
1. to absorb into a population
2. to take in a part and absorb into the whole
What does bizzare mean?
1. strickingly out of the ordinary; peculiar
What does calamity mean?
1. an event that causes great suffering and harm; a disaster
What does conspire mean?
1. to plan together secretly to do something to do something wrong or illegal
2. to join or act together
What does dissension mean?
1. a difference of opinion; dissagrement
What does elapse mean?
1. to pass or slip by (used with time)
What does imminent mean?
1. about to happen; likely to occur in the very near future
What does interrogate mean?
1. to ask question of, especially in a thorough or formal manner
What does lionize mean?
1. to treat as a celebrity
What does meticulous mean?
1. extremely carefull; attentive to small details
What does shackle mean?
1. a ring or band put around the arm or leg to prevent free movement
2. something that prevents free action
3. to prevent the freedom of action
What does swelter mean?
1. To suffer from or to be overcome by great heat