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anonymous adj.
Of an unknown source or unrevealed name adj.
anthology n.
A collection of various writings,such as songs, stories, or poems n.
conjecture n.
A conclusion based on guesswork or insufficient evidence n.
disposition n.
A person's usual mood; temperament. n.
encompass v.
To include v.
extricate v.
to free from a difficult or tangled situation. v.
generation n.
All the people born and living about the same time. n.
guile n.
Cunning or deceit in dealing with others; trickery n.
imperative adj.
Urgent; pressing.
instill or instil v.
To introduce gradually in order to establish securely. v.
modify v.
To make changes in. v.
pivot n.
A small bar or rod on which something else turns
pivotal adj.
Vitally important; significant. adj.
prevalent adj.
Commonly occurring; widely accepted or practiced. adj.
recur v.
to come up again or to happen again. v.
recurrence n.
The act of recurring n.
spontaneous adj.
Voluntary and unplanned. adj.
spontaneity n.
The quality or condition of occurring in an unplanned way. n.