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n. a feeling of fear or nervous wonder or respect
v. to fill with awe
The British looked in awe at their flag which the Americans had "turned upside down".
ca tas' tro phe
n. something that causes great loss or suffering; a terrible disaster
The American victory at Saratoga was a catastrophe to the British plans to capture New York.
col lide'
v. to come together with great force
The forests that General Schuyler had his soldier cut down to make the British marching difficult, collided as they fell onto the routes.
v. to cause to believe something that is not true
adj intended to or likely to decieve or misbelieve
Nathan Hale tried to decieve the British by posing as a Dutch Schoolmaster.
fa tal' i ty
n. a death resulting from an accident or disaster
Nathan Hales capture resulted in his fatality.
con'se quence
n. 1) a result or outcome 2) importance
The consequence of Schuyler's plan was that British supplies ran low on supplies.
im'pro vise
v. 1) to compose or preform without preparation 2) to make do with whatever is in hand.
Instead of attacking, Schuyler improvised a plan to slow down the British.
n. a machine or device for weaving cloth
v. to appear in sudden and frightening way 2) to get frightenly close
The sight of their flag flying upside down, loomed in the minds of the British.
v. to cause to relax
n a temporary calm or quiet period
The barcades that Schuyler made caused a lull in the British attacks.
pla' cid
adj calm and peaceful
The "Stars and Stripes" placidly waved for the first time over an American battlefield at Fort Stanwix.
pre dic'a ment
n. a difficult or trying situation
When the American surrounded the British soldiers at Saratoga, it was quite a perdicament for the British.
pri'or ity
n. the state or condition of being before another in importance or time
The new British plan of 1777 was to make it a priority to get to New York and capture it.
re'in force
v. to increase or strenghten
n. extra people such a soldiers or police sent to provide help
In the Battle at Fort Stanwix, the Americans had simple farmers as their reinforcements.
n. the rear part of the boat
adj upleasantly severe
The British all had stern faces as they watched their flag flying "up side down" under the American Stars and Stripes.
treach'er ous
adj not to be trusted 2) actually dangerous, while seeming to be safe.
George Washington's treacherous plan was to trick the British into thinking that they were still in their camp.