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ac' tive
adj 1) taking apart; working 2) lively; quick;busy 3) moving a lot; moving quickly
The active bug would not give up trying to escape his cage.
a stound'
v. to surprise; to amaze
The man astounded me when he did three back flips.
at tend'
v. 1) to go to or be present at 2) to pay attention
The Patriots attended the Green Mountain Boys raid.
cher' ish
v. 1) to cling to an idea or feeling 2) to take good care of; to love.
The Patriots cherished the thought of getting ammunition from the British.
con tract'
v.1)to make an agreement that has the forced of a law 2)to get ;to come to have 3)to make or become smaller n. an agreement that has a force orlaw
The contract of the Declaration of Independance made are contry free.
ea' ger
adj.wanting very much
The patriots were very eager to fight the British.
ex pose'
v.1)to make known 2)to open to veiw 3)to leave unprotected
The Patriots were exposed to all kinds of severe weather.
n. 1) beauty of form or movement 2) a short prayer 3) extra period to do or pay something.
The always say grace in her family before each meal.
im pose'
v. 1) to force something or someone to accept or put up with 2) to take unfair advantage of
The dad imposed the rule of no TV before homework.
mod' est
adj 1) not thinking too highly of oneself 2) simply not fancy or extreme.
The modest clothing was on sale.
par' al lel
adj. 1) lying in the same direction and always the same distance apart. 2) similar
The British were marching in parallel lines.
par' a lyze
v. 1) to stop all movement or feeling in 2) to make helpless or powerless.
In the winter, the Patriots were paralyzed from the cold.
pes' sim ist
n. a person who expects things to turn out badly
Americans are not known as pessimists.
re cite'
v. to say aloud before an audience usually from memory.
We recite the national anthem before football games.