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To look steadily at something for a long time.
Sam and Julie gazed at the polar bears swimming in a large pool at the zoon.
The force on our planet that pulls things toward the center of the earth.
Gravity causes an apple to fall to the ground.
To turn or throw something back.
The water reflected the sun so strongly that Giselle put on her sunglasses.
Means in addition to or also
Besides being on the soccer team, Sean loves playing basketball.
The condition of being serious.
Celia understood later the gravity of what she had done by playing too close to the large waves.
A person who studies the sun, planets, stars, and other objects in space.
In 1610, Galileo was the first astronomer to see four of the moons of Jupiter.
Means next to.
Melanie ate two scoops of ice cream beside the table.
An object that makes distant things seem closer and larger. It does this by using mirrors and lenses.
On a cool October night, Dad and Molly set up the telescope in the backyard to view the stars.
To think carefully about something.
Paul reflected on the next chess piece he would move.
A round hole in the shape of a bowl. It is found in the ground or at the mouth of a volcano.
The hikers walked to the top of the volcano to look down into the large crater.
The distance from side to side and through the center of a circle or a round object.
The diameter of the trunk of our old oak tree was at least thirty inches.
All of space and all of the objects in space.
The Milky Way is just one of many large groups of stars in our universe.
A unit for measuring how warm something is.
Cindy heated the oven to 350 degrees before she put the bread in to bake.
A stage or step in a series that one goes through.
By degrees, Malcolm taught his puppy to obey commands like sit, heel and give.