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Synonyms: block, burden, charge, clog, cramp, discommode, embarrass, hamper, handicap, hang up, hinder, hog-tie*, hold up, impede, incommode, inconvenience, lade, load, make difficult, obstruct, oppress, overburden, overload, retard, saddle, saddle with*, slow down, tax, trammel, weigh down, weight
Antonyms: aid, alleviate, assist, ease, free, help, lighten
Synonyms: amore, ardor, attachment, care, case*, closeness, concern, crush, desire, devotion, emotion, endearment, feeling, friendliness, friendship, good will, hankering*, heart, inclination, itch*, kindness, liking, love, mash, pash, passion, predilection, propensity, puppy love*, regard, sentiment, shine*, soft spot*, solicitude, tenderness, tumtum, warmth, weakness*, yen*, zealousness
Antonyms: coldness, disgust, hatred, loathing
1. to grant a franchise to; admit to citizenship, esp. to the right of voting.
2. to endow (a city, constituency, etc.) with municipal or parliamentary rights.
3. to set free; liberate, as from slavery.

Synonyms: citizenize, emancipate, empower, free, give rights to, grant citizenship to, liberate, manumit, naturalize, release
Antonyms: enslave
set free
Synonyms: arouse, beget, breed, bring about, bring forth, cause, create, develop, excite, father, foment, generate, hatch, incite, induce, instigate, lead to, make, muster, occasion, precipitate, procreate, produce, propagate, provoke, quicken, rouse, sire, spawn, stimulate, stir, work up
Antonyms: destroy, finish, halt, stop
Synonyms: adjure, admonish, advise, appoint, bid, call upon, caution, charge, command, counsel, decree, demand, dictate, direct, forewarn, impose, instruct, ordain, prescribe, require, rule, tell, urge, warn
Antonyms: acquiesce, agree, comply, obey, submit, yield

Synonyms: ban, bar, deny, disallow, inhibit, interdict, outlaw, preclude, prohibit, proscribe, restrain, taboo
Antonyms: allow, let, permit
Synonyms: apathy, blahs, blues, dejection, depression, dissatisfaction, doldrums, dumps*, fatigue, ho hums*, languidness, languor, lassitude, listlessness, melancholy, sadness, satiety, spiritlessness, surfeit, tedium, weariness, yawn*
Antonyms: energy, enthusiasm, excitement, liveliness
Synonyms: allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, charm, delight, elate, enamor, enchant, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, freak out, gladden, gratify, knock dead, knock out, please, ravish, rejoice, score, send, slay, spellbind, tickle pink, transport, turn on, vamp, wow
Antonyms: disenchant, disgust, disillusion, repel
please intensely
Synonyms: absorb, beguile, bewitch, charm, enchant, engage, enrapture, enslave, entrance, fascinate, grab, grip, hold spellbound, hook, hypnotize, intrigue, master, mesmerize, preoccupy, rivet, spellbind, subdue, subject, subjugate
Antonyms: bore, disenchant, disillusion, dull, turn off, weary
Synonyms: bury, cache, conceal, cover, curl up, ditch, establish, fix, install, locate, nestle, place, plant, protect, screen, seat, secrete, set, settle, shelter, shield, situate, snuggle up, stash, station, tuck away
Antonyms: disclose, divulge, give away, reveal, show, uncover, unveil

Synonyms: attract, bait, beguile, cajole, coax, decoy, draw, entrap, grab, inveigle, lead on, lure, mousetrap, persuade, prevail on, seduce, tempt, toll, turn on*, wheedle
Antonyms: dissuade, repel, repulse, scare off, turn away
the branch of zoology dealing with insects.
to ask (a person) earnestly; beseech; implore; beg: to entreat the judge for mercy.
to ask earnestly for (something): He entreated help in his work.
–verb (used without object)
to make an earnest request or petition.

Synonyms: appeal to, ask, beg, beseech, blandish, coax, conjure, crave, enjoin, exhort, implore, importune, invoke, pester, petition, plague, pray, press, request, supplicate, urge, wheedle
Antonyms: command, demand
Synonyms: advance, affirm, announce, articulate, declare, deliver, develop, enounce, express, intone, lay down, modulate, outline, phonate, postulate, proclaim, promulgate, pronounce, propound, publish, say, show, sound, state, submit, utter, vocalize, voice
Antonyms: mispronounce, muffle, mumble, mutter
an ornamental shoulder piece worn on uniforms, chiefly by military officers.

Synonyms: epaulet, hash mark, Hershey bar, overseas bar
military decoration
Synonyms: brief, episodic, evanescent, fleeting, flitting, fugacious, fugitive, impermanent, passing, short, short-lived, temporary, transient, transitory, unenduring, volatile
Antonyms: enduring, eternal, everlasting, lasting, long-lived, permanent
1. a person who cultivates a refined taste, esp. in food and wine; connoisseur.
2. Archaic. a person dedicated to sensual enjoyment.

Synonyms: bon vivant, connoisseur, Epicurean, gastronome, gastronomer, gastronomist, gourmand
Synonyms: aphorism, bon mot, joke, meat, mot, motto, pithy saying, quip, quirk
Notes: an epigram is a short statement that makes an interesting, frequently profound, observation about life or the world; an epigraph is a statement culled from the writings or sayings of someone else and used as the heading
Synonyms: anecdotal, digressive, disconnected, discursive, disjointed, incidental, irregular, occasional, picaresque, rambling, roundabout, segmented, soap, soap opera*, sporadic, wandering
Antonyms: frequent, permanent, recurrent, regular
a branch of philosophy that investigates the origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge.
Synonyms: commemoration, elegy, epigraph, eulogy, hic jacet, legend, memorial, monument, remembrance, sentiment
Notes: an epitaph is an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there, while an epithet is a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
1. any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe an actual or attributed quality: “Richard the Lion-Hearted” is an epithet of Richard I.
2. a characterizing word or phrase firmly associated with a person or thing and often used in place of an actual name, title, or the like, as “man's best friend” for “dog.”
3. a word, phrase, or expression used invectively as a term of abuse or contempt, to express hostility, etc.

Synonyms: appellation, description, designation, name, sobriquet, tag, title
Synonyms: agreeable, composed, consistent, constant, easy-going, even, even-tempered, imperturbable, level-headed, methodical, orderly, placid, regular, serene, smooth, stabile, stable, steady, systematic, temperate, tranquil, unchanging, unexcitable, unflappable, unfluctuating, uniform, unruffled, unvarying
Antonyms: changeable, fluctuating, inequable, irregular, spasmodic, unequal, vacillating, variable
Synonyms: aplomb, assurance, ataraxy, calm, calmness, composure, confidence, cool, coolness, detachment, equability, imperturbability, patience, peace, phlegm, placidity, poise, sangfroid, self-possession, serenity, steadiness, tranquility
Antonyms: anxiety, discomposure, excitableness, hysteria, nervousness, panic
1. of or pertaining to horseback riding or horseback riders: equestrian skill.
2. mounted on horseback: equestrian knights.
3. representing a person mounted on a horse: an equestrian statue.
4. pertaining to or composed of knights or mounted warriors: an equestrian code of honor.
5. of or pertaining to the ancient Roman equites.
6. a person who rides horses.
horse rider
1. an equal distribution of weight; even balance; equilibrium.
2. a counterpoise.
–verb (used with object)
3. to equal or offset in weight; balance.

Antonyms: differ, disproportion, imbalance
make even
Synonyms: BS, CYA, bull, cavil, con, cop out*, cover up*, dodge, double-talk, elude, escape, eschew, evade, falsify, fence, fib, flip-flop*, fudge*, hedge, jive*, lie, mince words, palter, parry, pettifog, prevaricate, pussyfoot, quibble, run around, shuck, shuffle, sidestep, stonewall*, tergiversate, tergiverse, waffle*, weasel*
Antonyms: confront, face, face up, speak honestly
Synonyms: aberrant, deviant, deviating, devious, drifting, errable, erratic, erring, fallible, itinerant, meandering, misbehaving, mischievous, naughty, offending, rambling, ranging, roaming, roving, shifting, sinning, stray, straying, unreliable, wandering, wayward
Antonyms: correct, inerrant, on course, reliable, right, righteous, trustworthy
Synonyms: antic, caper, fling, folly, frolic, gag, high jinks, lark, mischief, monkeyshines*, prank, rib*, roguery, rollick, romp, scrape, shenanigans*, spree, stunt, trick, vagary
Synonyms: abandon, abjure, abstain, avoid, bilk, double, duck, elude, evade, forgo, forswear, give up, not touch, refrain, renounce, sacrifice, shun, shy, swear off*
Antonyms: choose, embrace, indulge in, like, love, take up
Synonyms: abstruse, acroamatic, arcane, cabalistic, cryptic, deep, heavy, hermetic, hidden, inner, inscrutable, mystic, mystical, obscure, occult, orphic, private, profound, recondite, secret
Antonyms: exoteric, familiar, known, obvious, plain, public, simple, understandable
Notes: eclectic means selecting what seems best of various styles, methods, or ideas while esoteric means intended for and understandable by only a small knowledgeable group
Synonyms: intelligence, reconnaissance, secret service, shadowing, tailing, undercover operations, undercover work, underground activities
Synonyms: accept, adopt, advocate, approve, back, champion, defend, embrace, get into*, maintain, stand behind*, take on, take up, uphold
Antonyms: abandon, deny, desert, detract, reject, repudiate, spurn

Synonyms: betroth, catch, wed
Antonyms: divorce, split up
Synonyms: aerial, airy, celestial, dainty, divine, empyreal, empyrean, exquisite, fairy, filmy, fine, gaseous, ghostly, gossamer, heavenly, impalpable, insubstantial, intangible, light, rarefied, refined, spiritual, sublime, subtle, supernal, tenuous, unearthly, unsubstantial, unworldly, vaporous, vapory
Antonyms: earthly, heavy, indelicate, substantial, thick, worldly
1.of or bringing about improvement in the type of offspring produced.
2.having good inherited characteristics.

Synonyms: abiogenetic, ancestral, digenetic, eugenic, genesiological, genital, hereditary, historical, matriclinous, patrimonial, phytogenetic, sporogenous, xenogenetic