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리 빋 1, 흙빛의:Her livid countenance was testimony to the horrors she'd suffered in the haunted mansion.:검푸른:Proof of George's clumsiness could be seen in his ~ shins; he bumped into so many things as he walked that his lower legs were deeply bruised.
로우뜨 지긋지긋하여: The boy was ~ to be left alone. 그 소년은 혼자 떨어져 있는 것이 싫었다
로우뜨 썸 1, 견딜수없이싫은:Cold water is so ~ to Edward that no one knows why he even joined the Polar Bear Club.
라하 비 1, <의원에게> 압력을 가하다:The Raisin Grower's Union has been ~ing Congress to make raisins the national fruit.
라웉 시골뜨기:That stupid ~ has no idea how to dance. I think he broke my foot when he stepped on it.
루 디 크뤄쓰 1, ridiculous:absurd:Wear glass slippers to a ball? Why, the very idea is ~! Once false dance step and they would shatter.
리 뤼 컬 1, 시적인:Even the sound of traffic is ~ to the true city lover.
맬 러 프롸 피 점 1, humorous misuse of a word that sounds similar to the word intended but has a ~ly different meaning.:"the pineapple of politeness"-->"pinnacle of politeness":"violence"-->"violins"
매이 니 어 1, a crazed, excessive excitement; insanity; delusion:The ~ of the Roman emperor Caligula displayed itself in ways that are too unpleasant to talk about.
매이 니 액 1, 광:Molly, the woman with the mania for cleanliness, could also be said to be a maniac for cleanliness, or to be a cleanliness maniac.:A ~-depressive is a person who alternates between periods of excessive excitement and deep depression.
머 나이 어 껄 2, a maniac is often said to be ~.:A ~ football coach might order his players to sleep with footballs under their pillows, so that they would dream only of football.
머 키쒸 1, 몹시감상적인:It's hard to believe that Trudy's ~ greeting card verses have made her so much money; I guess people really do like their greeting cards to be filled with mushy sentiments.
미 앤 덜 2, 굽이쳐흐르다:The river ~s across the landscape in a series of gentle curves.:정처없이헤매다:Since I hadn't wanted to go to the party in the first place, I just ~ed through the neighborhood, walking up one street and down another, until I was pretty sure everyone had gone home.:두서없이진행되다:Professor Jones delivered a ~ing lecture ethat touched on several hundred distinct topics, including Shelley's hairstyle, the disappearance of the dinosaurs, Latin grammar, and quantum mechanics.
머 내 줘 뤼 2, [집합적]동물떼:The Petersons have quite a ~ at their house now that both the cat and the dog have had babies.
머 티 큘 러쓰 2, 꼼꼼한:Patrick is ~ about keeping his desk clean; he comes in early every morning to polish his paper clips.
밀 레 니 엄 2, 천년:Purists say that the new ~ began in 2001, but the fear of widespread computer problems actually made 2000 the more important new year.:천년째되는날:In the first ~ after the birth of Christ, humankind made great progress--but pre-sweetened creals didn't appear until close to the end of the second ~.
마이얼 진창:So many cars had driven in and out of the field that the grass had turned to ~.:진흙으로 더럽히다:The horses were so ~ed in the pasture that they couldn't go another step.:I'd love to join you tonight, but I'm afraid I'm mired in a sewing project and can't get away.n.quagmire:수렁:They say that twenty people sank into the ~ behind Abel's Woods and their bodies were never found.
마 줄 레잍 1, 조정하다:Please ~ your voice, dear! A well-bred young lady doesn't scream obscenities at the top of her lungs.:to lessen the intensity of:Milhouse ~ed his sales pitch when he realized that the hard sell wasn't getting him anywhere.
머 뤄 터 뤼 엄 3, (위험한 활동의) 일시적 정지[연기] ((on)):The two countries agreed to a ~ on the production of new nuclear weapons while their leaders struggled to work ou the terms of a permanent ban.
머 뤠이즈 1, 사회적관습:According to the ~ of that country, women who wear revealing clothing are lewd and plural.
모우 티프 2, a recurring theme or theme:Andrea's new apartment's okay-looking, but it would be more impressive if owls weren't the main decorative motif.
맡 리 1, 잡다한:Louise's friends are a ~ group of artists, bankers, and sanitation engineers.:multicolored:One glance at her date's tuxedo convinced that Cathy that she didn't want to go to the prom after all; the jacket looked more like a quilt that like a piece of formal clothing.
머쓰 털 1, 소집하다:The camp counselor ~ed the girls in her cabin for bunk inspection.:<용기등을>불러일으키다:She really had to ~ up all her courage to do it, because the girls were so rowdy they never did what she told them.:to pass muster:to be found to be acceptable.
미쓰 틱 1, 딴나라같은:The swirling fog and the looming stalactite(스털 랙 타잍 2, 종유석)gave the cave a ~ aura, and we felt as though we'd stumbled into Arthurian times.=mystical.:mystic:a person who has, or seems to have, contact with other worlds.
네 뷸 러쓰 1, 흐릿한:The stage lighting was so poor that you could see only a few ~ outlines of the set.n.nebula:성운(星雲)pl.nebulae 네 뷸 리 1
네 머 씨쓰 1, 그리스신화 네메시스 ((인과 응보복수의 여신)):In Greek mythology, ~ was the goddess of divine retribution. If you were due for a punishment, she made sure you got it.:이길수없는상대:Nacho-flavored tortilla chips are the dieter's ~; one bite, and you don't stop eating till the bag is gone.
니 어 파잍 1, 신참:The student librarian was such a ~ that she reshelved all the books upside down.
니 아 러 쥐 점 2, 신조어
니 오우 네잍 1, 신생아
노이 썸 1, 1. Offensive to the point of arousing disgust; foul: a noisome odor.
2. Harmful or dangerous: noisome fumes.
노우 먼 클레이 춰 1, a set or system of names 명명체계:I'd become a botanist in a minute, except that I'd never be able to memorize all that botanic노우 먼 클레이터 1, a giver of names.
널 러 파이 1, 파기하다:A moment after the ceremony, the bride asked a lawyer to ~ the prenuptial contract she had signed the day before; she no longer felt that $50,000 a month in alimony would be enough.:무효로하다:It's hard to believe that Saudi Arabia still hasn't ~ied the law that prohibits women to drive.
오우 배이 썬쓰 2, 경의:When the substitute teacher walked into the room, the entire class rose to its feet in mocking ~ to her.related to obey.
압 젝 티브 2, goal, destination, or aim:My life's one ~ is to see that my father never embarrasses me in public again.
아 비 에잍 1, <위험곤란 등을> 제거하다:Their move to Florida ~ed the need for heavy winter clothes.:막다:Robert ~ed his arrest for tax evasion by handing a blank check to the IRS examiner and telling him to fill in any amount he liked.
어 컬트 2, 신비스러운:There's a store on Maple Street called Witch-O-Rama; it sells crystal balls, love potions, and other ~ supplies.
오우 디 어쓰 1, 가증스러운:Don won the election by stooping to some of the most ~ tricks in the history of politics.:n.odium(오우 디 엄 1)is hatred, deep contempt, or disgrace.
아 더 씨 1, a long difficult journey, usually marked by many changes of fortune:In Homer's epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus spends ten years struggling to return to his home in Ithaca, and when he finally arrives, only his dog recognizes him. In modern usage, an ~ is any long and difficult journey.:Any adolescent making the ~ into adulthood should have a room of his own, preferably one that's not part of his parents' house.:My quick trip up to the corner hardware store to buy a new shower head turned into a day-long ~ that took me to every plumbing-supply store in the metropolitan area.
알 팩 터 뤼 2, 후각의:That stew's appeal is primarily ~; it smells great, but it doesn't have much taste.
알 러 갈 키 1, 과두정치:They've set up a virtual ~ in that country; three men are making all the decisions for twenty million people.
암 니쉬 언트 2, 전지한:A small child sees his parents as ~.:In a novel with an ~ point of view, the narrator knows what every character in the book is thinking.
어 프로우 브뤼 어쓰 2, 저주하는:The principal gave an ~ lecture about apathy, saying that the students' uncaring attitude was ruining the school.:n.opprobrium(어 프로우 브뤼 엄 2)치욕:Penny brought ~ on herself by robbing the First National Bank and spray painting naughty words on its marble walls.
알 더 넌쓰 1, 미 (지방 자치체의) 조령, 조례, 규정:According to a hundred-year-old local ~, two or more people standing on a street corner constitutes a알드 넌쓰 1)a military weapon.
아 썰 레잍 1, (시계추처럼) 진동(振動)하다:We watched the hypnotist's pendulum(펜 쥴 럼 1 진자)~ before our eyes, and soon we became very, very sleepy.:<마음의견 등이> 흔들리다:Mrs.Johnson can't make up her mind how to raise her children; she ~s between strictness and laxity depending on what kind of mood she's in.
아쓰 모우 씨스 2, 삼투(조금씩흡수함(됨)):I learned my job by ~; I absorbed the knowledge I needed from the people working around me.
아우스트 쫓아내다:Robbie was ~ed from the Cub Scouts for forgetting his Cub Scout manual thirty-seven times.:an instance of ~ing is an ouster:After the president's ~ by an angry mob, the vice president moved into his office and lit one of his cigars.
오우 벌 롸읻 1, 무효로하다:The legislature threatened to ~ the governor's veto of the bill creating the state's first income tax.:..에우선하다:Greed overrode common sense yesterday as thousands of frenzied people drove through a major blizzard to catch the post holiday sales.
오우 벌 춸 1, opening move:The zoo bought a new male gorilla named Izzy to mate with Sukey, its female gorilla, but Sukey flatly rejected Izzy's romantic ~s, and no new gorillas were born.:a preliminary offer:At contract time, management's ~ to the union was instantly rejected, since the workers had decided to hold out for(~ 을 끝까지[강경히] 요구하다
) significantly higher wages.
악 씨 머 뤈 3, 모순 어법(矛盾語法):"My girlfriend's sweet cruelty" is an example of an ~.
팰 러 터 벌 1, 입에맞는:You can certainly drink hot chocolate with lobster souffle if you want to, but champagne might be a more ~ alternative.:비위에맞는:Rather than telling Frank that his essay was worthless, Hilary told him that his essay was not quite worthy of his talents; by diluting her criticism she made it more ~ to Frank.
팬 데 믹 2, prevalent throughout a large area:The Black Plague was virtually ~ throughout Europe during the fourteenth century.n.pandemic=epidemic
패 니 쥐 뤽 3, 찬사:"All these ~s are embarrassing me," lied the actress at the dinner in her honor.
패 뤄 벌 1, 우화:The story of the tortoise and the hare is a ~ about the importance of persistent effort.
패 뤄 간 1, 전형:Irene is such a ~ of virtue that none of her classmates can stand her; they call her a goody-goody.
패 뤄 노이 어 3, 편집증(偏執症):a mental illness in which the sufferer believes people are out to get him; unreasonable anxiety:Worrying that one is going to die someday is not ~; it's just worrying, since one really is going to die someday.adj.paranoid
패 뤄 놀 멀 3, 과학적으로설명할수없는:Extrasensory perception, clairvoyance(클 레얼 보이 언쓰 3, 투시력), and the ability to bend spoons with one's thoughts are said to be examples of ~ phenomena.
패 뤅 씨 점 1, 발작적 활동 of:Forty years of cigarette smoking had made John prone to agonizing ~s of coughing.
파할 티쉬 언 2, division:The teacher's ~ of the class into "smarties" and "dumbies" may not have been educationally sound.(방건물 등을 구분하는) 칸막이(함[벽]):In the temporary office there were plywood(합판) partitions rather than real walls between the work areas.v. to ~ something is to divide it by creating partitions.:After the Second World War, Germany was ~ed into two distinct countries, East Germany and West Germany.
패이 따하쓰 1, that which makes people feel pity or sorrow:Laura's dog gets such a look of ~ whenever he wants to go for a walk that it's hard for Laura to turn him down.
패 터 너 1, 퇴색:The Statue of Liberty's distinctive green color is due to its ~; the statue is made of copper, not cheese.