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스펙 트뤌 1, 괴기스런:The ladies in the Library Club were hoping to give the Halloween funhouse a thoroughly ~ atmosphere, but their limited budget permitted them to buy only a couple of rolls of orange and black crepe paper and some candy corn.
스펄는 to reject disdainfully; to scorn:매몰차게퇴짜놓다:Elizabeth ~ed Jeff's apologies; she could see that he wasn't sorry at all, and that he was, in fact, on the verge of laughing.
스퉐 월트 1, 한결같은:Ernie has been a ~ friend through thick and thin, even when I used to pretend not to recognize him as I passed him in the hall.:건장한:"Don't forget,"Elbert droned to Frieda, "that those brawny, ~ youths you seem to admire so much have little to recommend them, intellectually speaking."
스틴트 (쓰기를)주저하다:"Please don't ~, ladies," wheedled the con man as he waved his jar around drunkenly. "Every penny you give me goes to support the orphanage."
스타이 펀드 1, 봉급:The ~ this university pays its teaching assistants is so low that some of them are forced to rummage(뤄 미쥐 1, 뒤지다) for food in the dumpster behind McDonald's.
스탈 릳 1, 둔감한:Our local veterinarian(베 터 뤄 네어 뤼 언 4 수의사) no longer treats farm animals because the ~ expressions of cows make him feel uneasy and depressed.
스타웉 뚱뚱한:Mr.Barton was built a littl bit like a beach ball; he was ~ in the middle and skinny at either end.
스트뤠 터 점 1, 계략:The Pied Piper's ~ was successful; entranced by the sound of his pipe, the rats followed him out of town and never came back.
스투 벤 더쓰 2, 굉장한:To climb Mount Everest on a bicycle would be a ~ accomplishment.
스투 펄 1, 인사불성:After Thanksgiving dinner, we were all too full to do anything except lie around on the floor in a ~ and watch the dog walk in circles in front of the fireplace.
썹 싸읻 2, 주저앉다:The house's foundation ~ed to the point where the first floor windows were in danger of disappearing from view.:덜다:The popular new drug helps anxieties to ~, but it does not eliminate them completely.
썹 씨 디 에어 뤼 2, 보조적인(supplemental):The Watsons pay their kids both a weekly allowance and a ~ sum from doing particular chores; the system worked until the children decided they would rather be broke than do chores.:n.a small company owned by or closely associated with a larger company:Acme Corp's main business is manufacturing boomerangs, but it has ~ies that make everything from tennis balls to french fries.
썹 스탠 쉬 에잍 2, 입증하다:Lawrence's entire scientific career is built on un~ed theories; a case in point is his ten-year study of communication between rocks.
썹 털 퓨쥐 1, 얕은꾀:Pearl isn't allowed to wear jeans to school, so she has gotten into the habit of leaving a pair of jeans in the bushes behind her house and changing into them in her best friend's garage. This little ~ is about to e discovered, however, because Pearl's mother is dropping in on the school unexpectedly today to bring her the lunchbox she left at home this morning.
써프 뤼쥐 1, 투표권:Universal ~ is the right of all people to vote, regardless of race, sex, ownership of property, and so forth.
써 퓨즈 2, 함빡스며들게하다:~ing the meat with a marinade will add flavor, but it won't tenderize the meat.:온통뒤덮다:The room that was once filled with dazzling sunbeams is now ~ed with the ugly grayish light of a fluorescent lamp.
썸 추 어쓰 1, 호화스러운:A ~ feast awaited the travelers when they reached the great hall of the king's castle.
쑤 뻘 씨드 3, 대신하다:Every very few minutes, someone introduces a new antiaging cream that allegedly ~s all the existing antiaging creams on the market; it's a wonder we haven't all turned into babies.
쑤 파인 2, 반듯이 드러누운(lying on one's back):When you've got both legs broken in traction(견인), you'd better stay ~ or you'll be awfully uncomfortable.:~ is sometimes used figuratively to describe a person who is inert(인 얼트 2, 활발치못한) or inactive. A Chinese legend speaks of a man so ~ that he starved to death because he couldn't be bothered to turn around a necklace of biscuits his wife had placed around his neck. opp.prone(엎드린)
써 플러 케이 션 3, 간청:The priest asked our prayers and ~s for the sick and dying of the parish(교구민).
써 플러 컨트 1, 탄원자:The King has set aside a part of every day to hear the petitions of his ~s, some of whom have journeyed hundreds of miles in order to ask him favors.
써 프뤠쓰 2, 진압하다:Mom and Dad ~ed our brief show of rebellion by threatening to hold our hands in public if we didn't behave.
썰 마이즈 2, 짐작하다:From the messages the eight-ball has been sending me, I ~ that someone's going to be giving me a present soon.n.surmise(썰 마이즈 1)
써 뤼 얼 2, 초현실적인:Alice's adventures in Wonderland were rather ~, perhaps because it turned out(disappointingly) that they actually were part of a dream.
스위 삥 1, far-reaching; extensive; wide-ranging:The principal's ~ gaze made every kid in the lunchroom tremble.
씬 택쓰 1, the patterns or rules governing the way grammatical sentences are formed in a given language:Poor ~ is the same thing as bad grammar, ain't it?
씨스 테 믹 2, affecting the entire system, esp. the entire body:The consultant said that the problem was not isolated to one department, but was ~; that is, it affected the entire company.:A ~ illness is one that affects the entire body.
택 티 컬 1, 전술적인:The admiral made a ~ error when he ordered his men to drag their ships across the desert as part of the surprise attack.
테인트 contaminant; a trace of something spoiled, contaminated, off-flavor, or otherwise offensive:The flavor of the rich, buttery sauce picked up a slight ~ from the mouse that had fallen into the sauceboat and drowned.:There's a taint of madness in that family; they're okay for a generation or two, and then suddenly one of them forsakes the comforts of the family house for the chicken coop.:I'm sure my mother-in-law meant well, but as far as I'm concerned her peacemaking efforts are ~ed by my knowledge that she tried to pay her daughter not to marry me.
티 디 엄 1, 권태:The initial excitement of summer vacation had gradually turned to ~, and by the end of August, the children were ready to go back to school.
티임 충만하다(abound) On a clear night high in the mountain, the sky ~s with stars.
템 퍼 뤌 1, 시간적인:Jet lag is a kind of ` disorientation; rapid travel across several time zones can throw off a traveler's sense of time.:일시적인:Why is it that ~ pleasures seem so much more fun than eternal ones? I'd rather eat a hot-fudge sundae than sit on a cloud playing a harp.
템 퍼 롸이즈 1, 우물쭈물하다:An important skill required of television newscasters is an ability to ~ during technical difficulties so that viewers don't become bored and switch channels.
띠이 씨쓰 1, 논문:At the first Conference on Extraterrestrials, Caroline Riggs advanced her controversial ~ that aliens operate most of our nation's bowling alleys.:논제:The ~ statement of a written composition is a sentence that states the theme of the띠 씨즈 1)
떨 니 1, 가시밭길같이고통스러운:Before we go any further, we'll have to resolve the ~ question of who's going to pay for the next round.
뜨뤠쉬 오울드 1, 문지방:No matter how many times I see home videos of a new groom dropping his bride when he tries to carry her over the ~, I still laugh.:시초 any poiint of beginning or entering:The dean told the new graduates that they stood at the ~ of a great adventure; what he didn't say was that for many of them the adventure would be unemployment.
뜨롸 털 1, 목을조르다:If that cat jumps onto the counter on more time, I'm going to ~ her,"said Bryce, rising grimly to his feet.:to work a fuel lever or feed the flow of fuel to an engine:The pilot's frantic ~ing was to no avail; the engine would not respond because the airplane was out of fuel.
뜨왈트 훼방놓다:There's no ~ing Yogi Bear once he gets it into his mind that he wants a picnic basket; he will sleep till noon, but before it's dark, he'll have every picnic basket that's in Jellystone Park.
티 머 뤄쓰 1, 겁먹은:"Would you mind getting off my foot, sir?" the wizened(쭈글쭈글한)old lady asked in a tiny, ~ voice.
티 털 레잍 1, <미각상상 등을> 기분좋게 자극하다:The movie was such a turkey(실패작) that even the ~ing poster the studio created for it failed to attract any viewers at all.
티 춰 럴 1, 유명무실한:The family's ~ breadwinner(집안의돈버는사람) is my father, but it's Mom's trust fund that actually puts food on the table.:bearing the same name as the title:Flipper, the ~ star of the TV sho Flipper, was in reality a female dolphine names Suzy.
토이 얼 1, to engage in hard labor:~ing in the hot sun all morning had made Arnold tired and thirsty.
톨 추 워쓰 1, 비비꼬인:On the ~ path through the woods to the tent, one or two of the Cub Scouts always managed to get lost.
트뤤즈 픽쓰 1, (공포 등으로) 그 자리에 못박히게 하다:The children stood ~ed at the astonishing sight of Mary Poppins rising into the air with her umbrella.
트뤠 버쓰 티 1, 희화화;패러디:Every year at homecoming, the college glee club puts on a ~ of a popular play or movie, and their show is always popular with alumni.
트뤤 천트 1, <말,글등이>날카로운:Joellen's presentation was ~ and well researched; that was not surprising, since she had paid her clever new assistant to write it.
트롸이 엄 버 륕 2, 3인조;3두정치;any group of three working jointly:Mother Goose Land is ruled by a ~ consisting of the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker.
트뤼스트 밀회:In romance novels, the characters never have mere dates; they have ~s.
투 멀트 1, 소란:In the ~ of the rock concert, Bernice was unable to find her dropped contact lens.adj.tumultuous(터 멀 추 어쓰 2)
털 빋 1, 탁한:The air was ~ with an oily black smoke that coated everything in soot(숱 그을음) and made noon look like midnight.
털 모일 1, 혼란:The president's sudden death threw his administration into ~, as his former deputies and assistants vie(바이 우열을 다투다)d with one another for power.
언 캐 니 2, 초인적인:Jessica has an ~ ability for sniffing out the most expensive item in a store.
언 덜 라이 잉 3, 뒤에숨은:Albert seems dopey(멍한) at first, but there's a keen intelligence ~ those vacuous(얼빠진) mannerisms((말씨몸짓동작 등의) 독특한 버릇) of his.
언 덜 피 닝 1, 버팀목:The ~ of George and Harriet's long-lasting marriage was a shared enthusiasm for bowling.
언 덜 스코얼 3, 분명히나타내다:Harold's terrible hunger ~s the importance of remembering to eat.
언 덜 롸잍 3, (사업 등의) 비용 부담을 동의하다:The local bank agreed to ~ the high school production of South Pacific, providing money for prop(연극의 소도구)s, costumes, and the rental of a theater.
유 너 래 터 뤌 3, 일방적인:~ disarmament is the decision by one side in a conflict to lay down its arms.
유 줘 뤼 1, 고리대금업:My sister said she would lend me ten dollars if I would clean her room for a week, a bargain(거래) that I considered to be ~.
백 큐 워쓰 1, 얼빠진:I don't think that woman understands a word you're saying; her expression is as ~ as a rabbit's.
배이 궈 뤼 1, 예측불허의변화:Thanks to the ~ies of fashion, everyone is wearing tennis rackets instead of shoes this summer.