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mow motorcycle man mop
baseball bat ball vase
cat cap cot caterpillar
pumpkin pump pup pin
bat but butterfly fly
mag pag bag cag
nin yin hin min
gop sop bop lop
pez fex bez kez
fub wub lub dub
tass rass jass nass
sug lug pug cug
fack gack mack dack
sing ming ping ling
rell kell mell vell
rim rip rib rid
man mat map mad
him hip hit hick
mug muss mum mud
gap gag gab gas
pot pop posh pock
met men meg meg mew
log lot lop lock
cat can cab cap
sum sup sun sub
ron ran rin run
mat mit mut met
top tap tip tup
sun san sin sen
pen pin pan pun
hat het hot hit
fan fun fen fin
bet bat but bit
jot jet jat jit
wag weg wig wug
stack slack sack
thin twin tin
chick kick click
grad gad glad
sell smell spell
stink sink shrink
spit split sit
bloom broom boom
pay pray play
tap tape
man main
rain ran
bit bite
bat boat
tote tot
made mad
pal pail
mean men
cute cut
anywhere anyway another
become became because
partner panther patter
contract context contact
baking backing buckling
proose purpose papoose
staking stalking stacking
begging begin beginning
zit zay zin
zap zan zill zack
zing zip zat zore zug
zell zink zump zash
zank zice zoke zick zock zunk
zore zake zain zug zame
down crown look brook
did grid tell swell
did slid not trot
will spill just crust
can plan him skim made blade
more snore my spy ball stall
way pray best crest rain brain
back track sing swing make flake
time slime make brake did skid
way tray back smack set fret
down drown cat flat
best blest down frown
way clay my dry will drill
way sway now plow hat scat
made blade make snake
made grade not slot will grill
not plot see free rain plane
had glad will skill find blind
top prop like spike man scan
back snack more score tell smell
good stood same flame ride glide
not clot time prime part smart
back stack feel wheel
tell shell meat wheat`
saw thaw more shore tell well
bone phone best chest
rain chain more chore
see thee bird third
make shake bony phony
gooey phooey way jay
now wow can tan best zest
make sake too zoo
not rot will kill not jot
see fee make rake
had pad will dill find mind
but cut like pike
will pill back tack
more bore will gill
hard yard look hook
big wig not tot
down gown look nook
did bid tell yell
did rid not cot
will mill just dust
tan ban him dim
made fade more core
like hike ball mall
way nay best vest
rain vain back sack
sing zing make wake
time lime make fake
did lid way gray