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What is an Internist, and what are its roots?
It is a doctor who will help figure out what's going on inside your body.

internus= inside
internal= insides
What is a gynecologist, and what are it's roots?
A gynecologist is a specialist in treating females and related medical issues

gyne= woman
logos= science
gynecology= science of women
What is an Obstetrician and what are it's roots?
An Obstetrician is a specialist that delivers babies and cares for new moms

obstetrix= midwife
-ician= suffix for expert
paidos= child
What is a pediatrician and what are it's roots?
A pediatrician is the doctor who cares for your child during their growth years.

ician=an expert
iatreia=medical healing
What is a dermatologist, and what are its roots?
A dermatologist ist he specialist to see for skin diseases

derma= skin
What is an opthamologist, and what are it's roots?
An opthamologist is a doctor that takes care of vision disorders

opthamos= eye
logos=science or study of
What is a cardiologist, and what are it's roots?
A cardiologist is a doctor that will help care for your heart

logos=science or study
What is a neurologist, and what are it's roots?
A neurologist is a physician that specializes in brain, spinal cord, and nervous system issues

logos=science or study
What is a psychiatrist, and what are it's roots?
A psychologist is a doctor that helps alleviate mental and emotional disturbances using a variety of treatments.

psyche=soul, spirit, mind
logos=science, study