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You can create a cross-reference to any of the following document elements:
Numbered Item
True or False
You can only create cross-references within the current document?
Identify 2 ways you can add Clip Art to a document?
Insert/Picture/ClipArt on Menu Bar
Click ClipArt button on Drawing Toolbar
Describe 2 ways you can move and copy ClipArt in a document?
Drag and Drop technique
Cut and Paste or Copy and Paste Technique
When your mouse pointer appears as a double-headed arrow, what changes can you make to an object?
To size and scale your selected object.
Describe 2 ways to add AutoShapes to a document.
Insert/Pictures/AutoShapes from Menu Bar
Click the AutoShapes button on the Drawing Toolbar.
Describe 2 ways to open the Drawing Toolbar.
Click the Drawing button on the Standard Toolbar
Click View on the Menu bar followed by the Drawing command on the Toolbars submenu.
How do you create a floating Align or Distribute toolbar?
Click Draw on the Drawing Toolbar and open the Distribute submenu. Go to the grey area at the top of the Align/Distribute submenu. Click this area and drag it anywhere on the screen to display the toolbar.
What is the Drawing Canvas for?
To create a new Drawing. The Drawing Canvas helps you to arrange and resize objects in your drawing and helps you keep parts of your drawing together.
What is the difference between a Continuous section break and a Next Page section break?
Next page: inserts a section break and starts the new section on the next page.
Continuous break: starts the new section on the same page.
When you want to change the format of a section, what is the first thing you should do?
Click somewhere in the section.
When you select text and then format the text in columns, what does Word add before and after the selected text?
Word inserts a Continuous section break at the beginning and end of the text that is in columns.
If columns in a section are unbalanced, how can you balance them?
Position the insertion point at the end of columns you want to balance and insert a continuous section break.
What is the procedure for turning on bookmark markers?
Open the Tool menu and select the Options command. On the View tab, turn on the show bookmarks option.
What is the keyboard shortcut for the Bookmark dialog box?
Cntrl + Shift + F5
What type of cross-reference would you use to refer to an item in a numbered list?
Numbered Item
What is Word's default method for following a hyperlinked cross-reference or other hyperlink?
Cntrl + click ( ie. press Cntrl and click the primary mouse button )
How can you access the Header and Footer toolbar?
Open the View menu and choose the Header and Footer command
Double-click within an existing Header or Footer in a document.
Describe the different ways you can add page numbers to a document.
Open the Insert menu and choose the Page Numbers command to open the Page Numbers Dialog box
Press Alt + Shift + P
Click the Insert Page Number button on the Header and Footer toolbar.
Describe how you can access the Page Number Format dialog box.
Click the Format Page Number button on the Header and Footer.
Describe the function of the Same as Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar.
Inserts the same header and footer accross all sections in a document. Turning this feature off discontinues a header and footer.
Describe the function of the Page Setup button on the Header and Footer toolbar.
Opens the Layout tab of the Page Setup dialog box containing header and footer formatting options.
Describe 2 ways to create a printed Watermark?
On the Format menu, point to Background, and then click Printed Watermark.
Add a picture or text using WordArt into a header, and then change the image settings to washout from the color list.
How do you insert a blank line above a table that is at the top of a document?
Click within the first cell of the table and press ENTER Word inserts a blank line above the table.
How do you insert a blank line above the table that is at the top of a document?
Click within the first cell of the table and press ENTER Word inserts a blank line above the table.
Can you use the Eraser button on the Tables and Borders toolbar only on the tables you create using the Draw Table button?
No. You can use the Eraser tool on any table.
When you are going to convert a table to text, what should you select?
You must select only the table
Describe 2 ways to center align a table.
Select the table and use the Center button on the Formatting toolbar
Select the table Open the Table menu and select the Table Properties command. On the Table tab in the Alignment area, select Center and click ok.
How do you edit a formula in a table?
Click the Value in the cell containing a formula. Open the Table menu and select the Formula command. Edit the formula and click ok.
What are 5 types of main documents you can use in a mail merge?
1. Letters 2. Labels 3. Envelopes 4.Directory 5. Email messages
If you have set a document as a main document for a merge, how can you return it to a normal document?
Click Main Document Setup button on the Mail Merge toolbar and select Normal Word Doc.
When inserting merge field codes in a main document, can you insert a code more than once?
Yes. You can insert a code as many times as you want in the main document.
What button do you use on the Database toolbar when you want to use data from a program such as Access in mail merge?
You must use the Insert Database button on the Database toolbar to import the data into a Word table.
Once you have imported Access data into a Word document, how can you delete a field from the data?
Click the Manage Fields button on the Database toolbar. Select the field you no longer want and click Remove.
How do you adjust the settings of labels when you labels do not fit the settings in Word?
Select the label number using label dimensions that are closest to your labels and then click the Details button. Change any of the settings in the dialog box and click ok.
When using Outlook Contacts as your data source in a document, what must you first do in Outlook to make the contacts available?
You must set up the Contact list and enter data.
What are the characteristics of an embedded object?
An embedded object becomes part of the Word distinction file once inserted, it's no longer part of the source file. To change this object, you must double-click it. Then you will be given access to the Excel Menu and toolbars to make changes. This lets you use the full power of a worksheet program while you are still in your Word doc.
What must you select in the Paste Special dialog box to create a link to another document?
You must select Paste link option.
Will the heading style and paragraph outline level assingnment perform the same in the Document Map?
Yes. There is no difference between the two in Document map.
How many levels are in a Word outline?
There are 9 outline levels
How do you demote a line in an outline?
Press Tab or click the Increase Indent button.
How do you assign an outline level to a paragraph without assigning a style?
Click within the paragraph to which you want to assign the outline level. Click Format on the Menu bar and select the Paragraph command. In the outline level list, select the level you want to Assign to the Paragraph.
What are 3 ways to delete a button from a custom toolbar?
1. If you have the Customize dialog displayed, select the button to be deleted on the toolbar and then select Delete from the Modify Selection Menu.
2. If you have Customize Window displayed, drag the button from its location off the toolbar into the document area.
3.If you are in regular editing view, press and hold the ALT key and then drag the button from its location off the toolbar into the document area.
What are 3 display styles for a toolbar button?
Text Only
Text and Image