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What does Ctrl E do?
What is the Status bar?
It is located at the bottom of the screen and gives you information about page number, and where you are in the document
How do you turn on or off the nonprinting characters
By clicking the Show/Hide button or ctrl shift 8
What is the blinking vertical line in your document?
The insertion point
What are Words margins?
1 inch top and bottom
1.25 left and right
What is the hortizontial line at the end of the document?
The end mark
What are toolbars?
buttons that allow you to perform tasks more quickly than using the menu bar.
How many characters can a file name be?
What character can you type to get a bullet automatically when you press enter?
What does it mean when a word has a red line under it?
The word is not in Word's dictionary
What is paragraph formatting?
Changing the appearance of the paragraph
What is character formatting?
Changing the appearance of characters.
What does ctrl home do?
Takes you to the top of the document.
What does ctrl end do?
Takes you to the end of the document
What does ctrl shift F do?
Lets you change the font type.
What does ctrl shift P do?
Lets you change the font size.
How can you highlight a paragraph without clicking and dragging?
Ctrl shift down arrow
How can you highlight a word without clicking and dragging.
Double click the word
How can you highlight a sentence without clicking and dragging?
On the left side of the sentence find a white arrow and click.
Would you use save or save as if you wanted to save the document in a different file?
Save as
What does ctrl U do?
What does ctrl I do?
What is the extension of a Word document?