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Who was the African American woman who was born a slave and became famous for her beliefs of equality?
Sojourner Truth
She was very smart, even though she could not read.
Who was the African American man who spoke about why slavery was wrong?
Fredrick Douglas
Who was the VERMONT woman who started one of the first high schools for girls?
Emma Willard
Which woman was the leader of the women's rights movement around 1848?
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Why was there a Women's Rights Movement?
Because girls were not treated as well a boys.
Before the women's rights movement, could girls be the boss?
No, the boys were in charge.
Before the women's rights movement could women vote.
No, only the men.
Do you think that girls are as good as boys?
Before the women's rights movement, could girls go to good schools?
No, they stayed home to cook and clean.