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From a traditional view(Plato),which has more value the soul or body and why?
The soul because it ascends us into the Real World( World of Ideas)
What are 6 things associated with the soul?
What are some negative things associated with the body?
-It is irrational
-An enormous obstacle in gaining knowledge
-A tomb, grave, prison, or rock that holds down the soul.
From a tradtional view,what groups are women associated with and why?
-Slaves, Laborers, Children, and Animals
-They don't have real knowledge or the power to reason
-They are associated with the body
From a traditional view, why are men considered better than women?
Because the soul has more value than the body. Throughout history men have done the "important" mental things while women have only been associated with their "bodily functions".
What are the two assumptions that have led to the degradation of women?
-Distinguishing the soul and body as two different things
-That the physical part of our existence is to be devauled in comparison with the soul
What will lead to a women's liberation?(Common Feminist Belief)
-"Ascending" into a man's world.
-Leaving the world of immancence(body,passion,desire) and joining men into the realm of transcendence(soul,spirit,reason).
What does Adrienne Rich believe will lead to women's liberation?
-Not accepting the patriarchal version of female biology(women are mainly a reproductive machine)
-Finding a unity between a women's physicality and intelligence.
-Asserting equality between the physical differences between men and women
-Getting rid of the mind-body distinction
In what ways has the mind-body distinction affected women?
Socially and Politically
(Women have had to deal with: Derogation,oppression, racism, sexism).
What has made Adrienne Rich different from other Feminists?
-She has challenged the received tradition about insignificance and indignity of bodily life and bodily tasks(ie childbirth).

-She has had an eagerness to assign women a new place in society that is not associated with subordinate groups or being inferior to men.