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Name the reproductive hormones and their purpose
FSH- secreted during first half of cycle; stimulates development of graafian follicle, secreted by anterior pituitary
LH- stimulates ovulation, secreted by pituitary
Estrogen- assist in follicle maturation, stimulates endometrial thickening, maintains endometrium during pregnancy; secreted by ovaries
Progesterone- maintains uterine lining for implantation; secreted by corpus luteum and placenta
Prostaglandins- influences the onset and continuation of labor
What is Menopause?
normally occuring cessation of menses; average age 51-52
Why does early Menopause happen?
may be due to Hypothyroidism, surgical ovarian removal, overexposure to radiation
What are the treatments for Menopause symptoms?
hormonal replacement therapy, vitamin B and E for hot flashes, Calcium for Osteoporosis
What are the S&S of toxic shock syndrome?
fever over 38.9 C (102F), hypotension, rash (macular erythroderma), Sore throat, N&V, copious vaginal discharge
How can you prevent toxic shock syndrome?
1. avoid use of tampons, Cervical caps and diaphragm
2. Remove tampons within prescribed time (every 3-6 hrs)
3. Do not use tampons over night
Don not use Diaphragm during Period
What is infertility?
inability to conceive after 1 year of unprotected sex