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Neutral pronouns
ma ñu
nga ngeen
mu ñu

mu ->ko as object
Objective pronouns
[Emphasis on complement]
laa lañu
nga ngeen
la lañu
Subjective Pronouns
[Emphasis on Subject]
maa ñu
yaa yeena
mu ñu
Terminative pronouns
naa nanu
nga ngeen
na nañu
Stand-alone pronouns
man ñun
yow yeen
moom ñun
Forms for "I"
Neutral: ma
Subjective: maa
Objective: laa
Stand-alone: man
Forms for "you" singular
Neutral: nga
Subjective: yaa
Objective: nga
Stand-alone: yow
Forms for "he/she" singular
Neutral: mu (ko for object)
Subjective: mu
Objective: la
Stand-alone: moom
Forms for "we"
Neutral: ñu
Subjective: ñu
Objective: lañu
Stand-alone: ñun
Forms for "you" plural
Neutral: ngeen
Subjective: yeena
Objective: ngeen
Stand-alone: yeen
Forms for "they"
Neutral: ñu
Subjective: ñu
Objective: lañu
Stand-alone: ñun
Singular: -l -al wax ->waxal!
Plural: -leen wax->waxleen!
Singular: bul wax!
Plural: buleen wax!
Negative pronouns
duma duñu
doo dungeen
du duñu