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England's Edward III claimed the French throne on the grounds of
France won the battle of
The Council of Constance did all of the following except
lead to three popes at the same time
Which Church council tried but failed to end the Great Schism
The single most important factor in transforming the small kingdoms of the western Sudan into formidable powers was
the rise of trans Saharan trade
The major African population movement that occurred during the time of Christ was the
Bantu migration south and east
Islamic influence in West Africa was responsible for all the following except
the introduction of slavery
The primary exports of East African coastal cities included all of the following except
The kingdom of Ethiopia was distinctive in Africa for its
conversion to Coptic Christianity
The greatest cultural influence in Southeast Asia came from
Admission to the mandarin bureaucracy was based on
The Mongol conqueror of China was
Kublai Khan
The Popul Vuh
is the only surviving Maya hieroglyphic book
To prevent the end of the world, the Aztecs believed that they had to
sacrifice humans
At the time of Cortes's invasion, Tenotichlan was a
vibrant, bustling business and governmental center
Inca imperialism was prompted by
religious beliefs
To solve the problems facing his empire, Huascar proposed
abolishing the cult of the royal mummies
Which is not true of Louis XI of France? He
won numerous wars
Who killed his two nephews, the little princes,
Richard III
Henry VII did all of the following except
call Parliament almost every year
The War of the Roses
was between Yorkists and Lancastrians
Which of the following declined in population in the 1500s?
By the mid-1600s many of Portugal richest colonies had been seized by
The Netherlands
The "indulgence controversy" occurred because
Albert of Brandenburg wanted to be archbishop of Mainz
Which is not true of Luther?
he believed that man must choose to be or not to be a Christian
provided a religion acceptable to rising middle class
All of the following were Calvinist groups except
the Anglicans
As a result of the Peace of Augsburg
German princes were allowed to chose the religion of their states, Lutheran or Catholic
The Church of Elizabeth I was
Which was the first known literate and politically organized civilization in Africa?
The Nubians.
Who conquered the Nubians and had their capital at Meroe?
The Kingdom of Kush.
"Great Zimbabwe"
A huge 60-odd-acre complex signifying a successful time-period in southeastern Africa.
Which two Guptan rulers were responsible for the Guptan "golden age"?
Samudragupta and Chandragupta the 2nd.
Tamerlane (Timur the Lame)
Muslim convert who led brutal, bloody campaigns that left the Muslim world in shock.
Last "Chinese" Dynasty
Strengths of Amerindian Civilizations.
A. Low Labor Foods (Mesoamerica: Maize; South America: Potato)
B. Math & Astronomy (Maya Calendar & Cosmology)
C. Social Organization and Government
Weaknesses of Amerindian Civilizations.
1. No Metal Tools, Draft Animals, or Wheel in Mesoamerica
2. No Writing or Wheel in South America- tied knots in yarn for memory purposes.
3. Human Sacrifice and War
4. Lack of Human Freedom / No Merchant Middle Class- all trade carried out by government. Trade used as diplomacy rather than a source of economic freedom
What was the fate of most Olmec civilizations?
They were randomly destroyed for no reason whatsoever.
tax paid by the towns to the king of France every year
Which French king Allied with the Middle Class and Put down Nobles?
Louis XI
How did Henry VII Tudor never have to go to was with France?
The French paid him not to attack.
Who was England's first great exploror?
John Cabot.
Which English king was elected Holy Roman Emperor?
Charles V.
Who was the first Potuguese explorer to round the Cape of Good Hope?
Bartholomew Diaz.
Who circumnavigated the world and was killed in the Phillipeans?
Ferdinand Magellan.
Who introduced African slaves when others killed themselves because of organized hours and wages?
Bartolomé de Las Casas.
What did the majority of American slavery go to produce.